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Fuel gauge question

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Having replaced the Td5 fuel pump last week, i now wake up to starting the defender and the low fuel lamp is on and the gauge says the tank dead empty. I'm sure i have fuel in the tank.

The interesting thing is, if i leave it long enough it will decide to slowly creep up to the correct level. hence i'm sure the gauge is working.

The tank has been up and down 3 times already but still can't find the fault. The float is correct.

What do i check next?

before i changed the pump, it goes up to the correct level immediately when i click the key to pos II on the ignition. yes, even in the midst of the pump screaming away.

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Never mind the above for now.

I've got a terrible leak from the tank or the lines?

After starting it up, it starts dripping diesel.

My bet is that the lines are not done up tight, but i though the hoses are just clipped on rite? or am i wrong?

What do i check now?

Any possibility that the lines are fitted wrongly causing them to leak?

Looks like that tank is going to have to come down again.

it's a 2002 with 170k on the clock.


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