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Defender PTO Parts Diagram


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I have a Defender PTO in bits at the moment.

Apart from the bearings being sha99ed a touch on the noisy side, I am looking at the main shaft and wondering if it should have a circlip fitted. There's the right kind of groove for one, and nought other than friction to stop it all floating axially.

Does anyone have a parts/assembly diagram showing what should be in there?


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Good info Ruu.

Like I suspected, a circlip is missing, as is the shim. I'm sure it can manage without the shim, but I'll see if I can find a suitable circlip.

Drive dog and pump coupling are all machined up to suit your other pump. Started the oil catcher this afternoon.

You could do with new bearings though, one of them is NASTY. I cleaned 'em up and they rumble badly, a little less so with a coating of fresh EP. One is of Russian origin too, if the markings are anything to go by! Strange as the gear and selector don't show signs of much use.

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