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  1. mickeyw

    Alpine windows - glass size and painting

    Interesting that you've noticed the difference in glass curvature. I noticed that on my 1986 model too. When I first noticed it I thought it looked like there was a flat on the glass. Perhaps they're all like that, although I seriously doubt it is intentional.
  2. mickeyw

    109 V8 chassis options?

    Well as I said, it was a few years ago. They were showing their goods at Billing (don't think I've been there for at least 10 years), and I had a good chat with one of their guys. I daresay since then they've had their fill of people messing them around wanting all sorts of peculiarities.
  3. mickeyw

    109 V8 chassis options?

    When I enquired, some years ago, Richards were open to custom builds. Therefore you could ask them for a 109 leaf sprung chassis, with V8 engine mounts and your gearbox of choice.
  4. mickeyw

    chattering clutch plate

    Do you mean a chatter while driving along, or on taking up drive? If the latter I'd suggest you may have broken springs in the clutch plate. Alternatively as with my own experience of a heavy judder when letting the clutch up from stand still. This was due to a glazed flywheel surface, which required refacing at my local gearbox specialist to sort out, plus new clutch pressure and friction plates.
  5. mickeyw

    Hand pump for oil change

    I've had one like this for years. The spout has a 90 degree bend that's ideal for filling main or transfer gearboxes. https://www.workshopping.co.uk/product/gear-oil-transfer-pump/TP67/ I also have a similar but almost antique version that I use for filling our tractors with hydraulic oil. I picked it up at an auto jumble years ago.
  6. mickeyw

    Wiper spindle nuts

    Sounds like it would be about 26 TPI then, which is very a fine pitch for the diameter. I had been going to suggest 5/8" UNF until I read the pitch. UNF for that diameter would be 18 TPI. Well whaddya know.... turns out 5/8 " x 26 TPI is British Standard Cycle thread or British Standard Brass (different thread angles on these two).... old as houses.....and Landrovers... https://britishfasteners.com/threads/bsb.html Can get stainless ones here. http://www.stainlessautomotivefastenings.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4301
  7. The ZF box will have M10 or 3/8" bolts. RV8 uses 3/8" UNC If you're worried about thread engagement into ally, fit Helicoils or similar. I'd also include a couple of dowels for good location of each side, then the screws can do the rest,
  8. TBH I have an old Meddings like this, and I've not found the need for a lift mechanism. After more thought, I reckon one like this has enough weight in it to hold itself still when you lift the table. Bench mounted models are lighter and probably more inclined to move as you lift the table.
  9. This is a tidy lift set up, but I can't see whether you have a rack and pinion or not.
  10. mickeyw

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    Ditto. Can't see where you've fitted your no. 1 tool 😉
  11. I have a pretty old SIP 6" grinder. I think it has a 500W motor. I would say it has sufficient power for sharpening drills and lathe tools. I'd expect 350W and under to be rather gutless for this purpose. I have a cheapo Screwfix belt & disc sander that has a 350W motor, and that really is underpowered for anything more than pencil sharpening. I found a video on YouTube where a guy takes his Harbor Freight belt sander combo (near enough identical to mine - they're all Chinese built) and adds a much bigger motor with good results. I think the motor cost him 100 bucks, but he felt it was worth the time and effort
  12. mickeyw

    Rover 4.2 v8 idle issue

    Hamish, you're running auto aren't you? IIRC the neutral gear signal comes via the round plug that also has the reverse light switch wires. Is this connected/damaged/etc?. As a test or "cheat" you could connect the orange/brown wire on the 14cux through 510 ohm resistor to ground. This tells it you have a manual gearbox, and bypasses the neutral switch circuit. The fault you have shown will then be ignored. As an auto setup it wants to know when you're in gear so it can adjust the idle speed. Hope that makes sense.
  13. Useful info for when I fit the serp front on my 4.2. Thanks John. Just a thought though, how sure are you the thread is M20? 1/2" BSP is near as dammit 20mm O.D. but it is a somewhat finer pitch.
  14. I may just put them somewhere a safe until the weather returns to normal. They were all perfectly secure until roughly a month ago
  15. Ralph the outer rings are hanging there so I don't lose them 😁 One day I'll fix the door trim...

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