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  1. Pete, I really don't like the look of the bolt-on-top demisters. It's a personal thing I am part way through (i think I've been working on it as long as you have yours) a home brew solution of the dash side vents. The LR variation of it is pretty basic really. I'm using 20mm plastic conduit, but I've seen others use 15mm copper pipe. Hopefully the combination of methods will have a good effect.
  2. Mine have arrived Trial fit time later.
  3. Google Hozan P706. Not cheap and not the most available in the UK (mine came from USA via a travelling colleague) I have had a pair of these for several years now, and find them to be the most universal crimp tool (for uninsulated terminals) I have come across. I am sure one of the elders on here directed me towards them.
  4. When I had my 2.25 petrol 88" I was always chasing loose manifold nuts until... My local parts man who was an invaluable resource and walking LR encyclopedia could get all sorts of oddities for his customers. One of these was, as Fridge said, studs with different threads at each end. Course UNC into the manifold and a longer fine UNF section for the nut, in stainless. With these I used BZP a single coil spring washer and BZP steel nut. This provided good tightening capability and better resistance to loosening. Note: never use stainless nuts with stainless screws anywhere near an exhaust. They tend to gall and will be worse to undo than the most corroded mild steel equivalent. The original LR design of a long brass nut seems good in that it doesn't corrode, and it doesn't leave any exposed stud thread to go all grotty, but I could never tighten them enough to stay done up for long. I think the brass nut was susceptible to too much expansion through heating and cooling cycles.
  5. i had my Ninety's (3.9) TD rad recored when I realised it had become bunged up. This was done by a lovely chap at Wessex Radiators, who were recommended by Fridge. They are a proper old school type place. I plumbed the oil cooler in just because the oil lines on the serpentine engine were a direct fit My 110 (4.2) also has the same type of rad, and doesn't currently make use of the oil cooler. Being a V belt engine it's easy to remove the cooler circuit.
  6. Those look like they are from the underside of the dash, and therefore 100mm (4") diameter. No speaker of this size makes much bass to begin with. The best option is not just to fit good quality speakers, but also larger diameter ones. It is possible (I've done it) to fit 5.25" units in this position if you don't mind a bit of dash surgery. Good speakers are generally quite deep, and this location doesn't fare to well it that department with the wiper motor in the way. I fitted some 5.25" Kicker speakers as replacements and am very pleased with the sound output. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kicker-DS-13cm-5-25-130mm-200-Watts-2-Way-Car-Coaxial-Front-Rear-Door-Speakers/174232849534
  7. I'm not sure I e ever seen a manual as such, but I have a recollection that I may have read something like it as part of a body panel repair/replacement instruction sheet.
  8. This is the situation I am coming up to, only mine are 255/85R16 flavour. I've been looking at the Toyo Open Country MT as it is one of few brands available in my size, and they're lots cheaper than another set of BFGs.
  9. I enlarged the original speaker holes in my lower dash, and with the aid of some vinyl covered MDF spacers able to fit a pair of 5.25" Kicker speakers. They are very shallow for the diameter and put out some very good sounds. These run off an elderly Sony bluetooth head unit. This is all I have in my 110 CSW, although I think some rear mounted speakers may get added. That way the kids can hear the tunes and I can still hear SWMBO https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kicker-DS-13cm-5-25-130mm-200-Watts-2-Way-Car-Coaxial-Front-Rear-Door-Speakers/174232849534?
  10. Thanks Ross. I forget not everyone is familiar with these abbreviations
  11. Wouldn't mirrors on the wing tops be more period correct? And probably only on the driver side too. ISTR mirrors were once an optional extra. Of course having mirrors is far preferable for day to day driving
  12. I have a couple of these reels I use in the garage. One is snaked around the roof trusses to get air across to the other side of the garage. The other is handy if I need to run an airline into the house for any reason. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Parkside-Pneumatic-Hose-Drum-20m-air-compressor-fabric-hose/302795253471 This retractable one has been very useful, but alas it seems NLA. Was only abouyt £15 when I bought it. Similaer ones are now around £35 https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-10m-air-hose-reel/p/079393167520900
  13. I have a set of Hozan P706 crimpers. They are good allrounders for many types of crimp terminal used n housings. https://www.ebay.com/p/2255560084 They are a bit spendy, but search around. I was lucky in buying a pair from a US website for around $30 and got them sent freepost to our office out there. Next time my colleague from US flew over he stuck them in his suitcase.
  14. This ^^^ A mate fitted one in his 101 . It's even noisier when you sit on top of the damned thing.
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