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  1. mickeyw

    OT: Ifor tipper oil

    I'd give IWT a call. I've found their tech guys pretty helpful in the past. https://www.iwt.co.uk/customer-care/
  2. mickeyw

    Refillable spray bottles

    These https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wurth-Pump-Bottle-Brake-Cleaner-Dispenser-1ltr-/191108236580 seem to have come down in price a fair bit. I bought mine years ago. They are prone to falling over too easily through. The one Ross linked to looks a bit more stable.
  3. mickeyw

    Retractable Airline Recommendations?

    Mine came from Lidl a year or so back for about £15. It's not huge bore, but I mainly use it to drag down the drive for inflating tyres. I have other airlines for local use in the garage.
  4. mickeyw

    Freelander Loadcovers

    I'm pretty sure we must still have the load cover from my mother's FL2 in the garage or loft somewhere. It had to come out to fit the dog boxes in the boot. The car was written off some time ago, so the cover is surplus. If anyone is interested, speak up, and I'll see if I can find it. The car had a dark interior. I don't know if load cover colours varied.
  5. mickeyw

    Toyo open country 255 85 16

    I have this size on my 110 and my 90 I owned before, both on standard suspension. I run the original BF Goodrich mud terrains, and they are a fantastic all rounder. They're half worn but getting perished, as they're getting on a bit. I have been considering the Toyo tyre you mention as it is substantially cheaper than new BFGs. Things I have learned about them include less tread depth when new, and a LOT heavier than the same size BFG. I'm sure there are more differences, probably compound hardness and therefore wear resistance too. For my use, read low mileage and minimal V8 hooliganism, I suspect the Toyo will be a fair replacement.
  6. I'm watching with interest. Especially like the way you managed to squeeze the pump in for V8 crank drive. Most folk I've seen running a crank driven pump have used a chain, or a toothed belt. I'm very keen to see how you get on a) with a plain belt drive, and b) with the PAS clutch. If this works, it's a good deal less faff than a PTO setup.
  7. mickeyw

    AC clutch adjustment washers

    Are they just regular-ish looking plain washers, but of precision thickness? What kind of diameter and thickness? Have lathe and surface grinder in the play room
  8. mickeyw

    Newbury Sortout 7th April 2019

    Hmmm, I'm long overdue a day off. Alas far too much non LR stuff to do at the ranch 😐
  9. mickeyw

    Vertical lift door mechanism

    This YouTuber has modelled some ingenious mechanisms on CAD. You might find something useful in his video collection. https://www.youtube.com/user/thang010146
  10. mickeyw

    V8 pinning liners

    I have seen an article in the past detailing a well executed liner pinning operation on the V8. I have no idea on its effectiveness though. Edit: I think this may have been the one https://www.scribd.com/doc/220372040/Pinning-V8-Liner
  11. mickeyw

    Testing 12V batteries

    I've always replaced UPS batteries on a 2 year schedule. They're meant to do more than that, but this is playing safe, or so I thought. I've often been able to use the SLA units removed for camping purposes, and rarely had one that has actually gone bad.
  12. mickeyw

    what's happening here?

    It seems they are made from veg oil (rather than crude) these days, as are a lot of other motor components. A few years ago I had an lengthy saga with the local foxes chewing the end caps to the point they'd leak and/or fall off.
  13. mickeyw

    Lidl smart battery charger

    I bought an Ultimate Speed charger from Lidl a couple of years back, and it's been good. This one looks a bit more hi-tech.
  14. mickeyw

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    There are some guys in the States fitting Powerstroke 2.8l crate engines into Defenders and Disco 1s. Apparently they suit the application very well. Just throwing in an option. No idea on ££££ i'm afraid
  15. mickeyw

    V Coils

    I would say that is a perfectly acceptable method of repair. Folk have been using Helicoils and similar for many, many years. Running a drill into a hole where there is not much of an increase in diameter often results in the drill snatching. The fact that you're using a pistol drill, rather than a drill press makes this situation even more likely. You just have to hold things as steady as you can and go carefully to avoid a wrenched wrist.

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