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  1. So an L322 would get you a step closer to having the complete set 😎
  2. If I were in the market for an L322 the 5l would be all the excuse I needed to buy it
  3. What seal kit will you be using Ralph? Mine rattle and leak like crazy. The Garrison 4x4 kit is mightyspendy for what you get, and going genuine if such a kit exists seems to offer no great gains. Aside from that I need to replace the perished,split and leaking alpine light seals, and the roof needs the ally scab attending to while its apart, and the whole roof re-painting. The windscreen seal is just as split and perished so that needs replacing too. The windscreen is so scratched it's hard to see when the sun is in my face, so a new screen, possibly a heated one , is in order. Fit the Mud end-of-dash switch panel I' bought some years ago.
  4. A series alternator pulley should come off OK with the appropriate tools. It's been so long I can't recall if they're on a parallel or tapered shaft. If the latter, a bearing puller may be necessary to apply a little preload, then a gentle tap on the end of the puller screw should free it.
  5. I still have a Kamasa set my dad bought when I was very young. No parts missing or broken, and it has a rather handy speed brace.
  6. Ah, a good old AvE compilation of expletories 😂 I don't think he offered a particularly fair contest against a different style of tool. Despite that the fake didn't do so bad considering the abuse it took, and by his own admission there are some quality components within. I'd love to see the innards of the real thing. I've gotta say that if you already have the batteries and only want it for home use this looks like a fair gamble.
  7. eBay link I've just spotted this, top quality, shipped from the land of cheap goods 😉 Now I have a genuine version, and it's very good, but far from the torque figures quoted in this ad. Has anyone bought one of these? I'm just wondering how bad they could be. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out of the same factory but must have been built with cheaper components somewhere...
  8. Got a link for these Stephen? I can't find them that cheap in eBay I have a small Evolution multi material mitre saw, and although the blades are good they don't seem to last that long chopping box section. I'd be interested to try alternatives. I think 20tpi on a 210mm blade is a bit coarse for cutting box section.
  9. Some great progress there James. I've missed quite a few updates.
  10. This is what I tend to do on icy mornings with the LR or the car. Usually the time it takes to eat breakie and make my lunch is enough. Yes the heat disappears pretty quickly, but at least the steering wheel has lost its desire to stick to my fingers, I haven't had to scrape the screen, the seats are nice and warm and the screen isn't about to mist up as soon as I get in. Simple solutions
  11. For a cheap alternator I'd be thinking something second hand from a scrappie. I think I paid about £30 for the 150A model I took off a Mondeo. The issue here is that you'll need to use a polyvee belt to drive anything bigger than 100A, and that would be a pain on your engine. How big are you hoping for? A 200 Tdi alternator is probably around 65A and a similar mounting to what your engine is used to. ISTR that my old 2.25P had a Lucas unit that offered a meagre 34A. If you can find one from a 200 Tdi Disco 1 that's being scrapped that might work...
  12. Gaz, I'm curious why you might need to hack these to fit a lightweight. Is the seatbox rather different to a series or 90/110 type? They are pretty rare so would seem a shame to hack them, but they are yours and it's up to you what you do with them IMO these early seat frames are far superior strength-wise to the later type.
  13. I was just searching for a series 3 heater picture for you, and came upon this upgrade article, on Auto Express of all places When I rebuilt my 88" series 2 I fitted a series 3 heater box, built some ducting for inside from 40mm waste water pipe, and grafted on a 3 speed Vauxhall Cavalier blower unit. Now I did have a Rover 3.5 V8 supplying the hot water, but that whole combo used to make the interior very warm in very quickly
  14. Drawings here guys. Sorry it took so long. This is what worked for the parts I had. Please check it suits your needs before you dive in. PTC_Btm_Adapter.PDFPTC_Top_Adapter.PDF
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