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  1. mickeyw

    Euro Car Parts

    My mind read that a bit differently to start with. Sounded much more decent the second time round 🤣
  2. mickeyw

    Defender heater resistor???

    How hot they get depends on how much power is being drawn. In any case this resistor sits in the air intake duct, so has a good flow of cooling air blown across it. It doesn't need anything more.
  3. mickeyw

    Just a quick chassis repair 90 defender

    Good effort Waine. I've recently been through a similar repair on my 110
  4. mickeyw

    I love been given free stuff...

    The loads indeed go through the floor, but a heavy bench stops the whole lot moving around when the hammering is in a non vertical plane
  5. mickeyw

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Gotta agree with this sentiment. My viewing time in between dealing with the demands of small people is short. 15-20 mins is manageable - 40 mins is not. The interviews didn't really grip me. I found myself fast forwarding parts of them. The work on the cars, the facilities, and the explanations of what you're doing are my thing. I'm a Landy guy with a 110 to keep going, and a Vogue SE to bring back to life one day, but I still find the Esprit very interesting. This is because so many of us also are lone workers on our projects. The fact you are working alone makes your achievements seem more within the grasp of the rest of us. Keep up the good work George
  6. mickeyw

    Trailer Floor preservation

    I had it in mind to refloor my flat bed with scaffold planks. I'd leave small gaps between, not just for expansion but too prevent the wet festering between planks. Not decided what to coat with but not creosote as that can get slippery. Maybe a decking preservative would work, but I think regular recoating is key to longevity.
  7. mickeyw

    Improving Defender ride quality

    More fundamental I believe than what spring/damper combination - what size and pattern tyres you run! Before I sold my 90 I took off the 255/86R16 BFG MTs to transfer to the new truck. In their place I fitted the 205R16 road tyres that the 110 came with ( I know, a bit undersized and strange looking having such small tyres). I drove it around a bit, and was struck by an OMG! moment. The handling/steering/grip/breaking/ride comfort - everything.....was soooo much better. The change of gearing meant the 3.9 auto truck went from being respectably brisk to a relative race car. So when anyone complains about what a POS their old LR is to drive, and explain how they've replaced everything underneath; and I look and see huge 'Simexalikes' on the rims, the reason is patently obvious to me. I have a set myself for play days, and they are indeed bluddy awful to drive on.
  8. Good bearings incorrectly preloaded could easily be your problem. The LT77 may be a pretty small box, but as other have said, they've done many, many miles in motorway burning Discoverys in the day. As a get-you-by, have you considered buying a used box out of a known runner? I know it means two gearbox changes, but it might tide you over until a good remanufactured item is available.
  9. mickeyw

    Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

    another hypothetical interest here.
  10. mickeyw

    Synthetic Rope

    The budget green (Chyneema) Bowrope can been be seen on the bay. Says 10mm is good for a 10,000lb winch. I have had original 11mm Bowrope on my 9000lb TDS for many years. I knew it was overkill when it was fitted
  11. mickeyw

    Show me your switches!

    There are a lot of Carling Contura II lookalikes on eblag. From what I have heard they are lacking in feel and finish. I used a 300Tdi Disco 1 sunroof switch for winch in/out on my 90. It's the same as a lecky window switches, and used on a Defender so blends in nicely. It just has a different legend in the form of two arrows.
  12. mickeyw

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    I bought the Double S system for my V8 90 is 1994. It was a mere £165, and a lot cheaper than a decent quality mild steel version. That lasted for many years....in fact I think I may have sold some of the pipes to Miketomcat on here. ( I only removed it to fit bigger bore pipes for a 3.9)
  13. mickeyw

    Have you ever seen this before?

    I've seen many pictures of convertible RRCs over the years. The 70's and 80's were a boom time for a number of specialist converters of Range Rovers. As Nick has said, there was Wood and Pickett, but also Vantagefield, Townley Cars to name a few. Extra axles, garish interiors, soft tops and hunting specials were popular; oh and 4 door models before LR or Monteverdi got on the case. I believe a large majority were converted for wealthy customers from the Arab countries. Some more images here http://www.range-rover-classic.com/Home/land-rover-brochures/range-rover-specials/townley-ltd---uk
  14. mickeyw

    Garage lighting

    I've been considering some of these https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_Index/Lighting_Menu_Index/LEDlite_Modulars/index.html when I sort out my garage lights. They're really intended for suspended ceilings. They are super slim and therefore take up little head room. Because of low headroom I am always clobbering the fluros in my garage.

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