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result of EGR removal


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I thought it may be useful to report the result of removing the EGR valve from my Disco TD5. It is now four months and about 4000 miles since I removed the EGR, blanked the exhaust manifold hole and fitted a joining pipe on the inlet side.

I must say I noticed the truck was a little quicker and had more grunt pulling from low revs in particular immediately. Usually a cynic concerning magic fixes I decided it was just my wishful thinking. But the feeling continued!

I can now also report, absolutely without doubt, that fuel consumption is give or take 7% - 10% improved. It used to average about 27.5mpg over a mixture of driving with it dropping to 26mpg in the colder weather with lots of slow driving.

It now constantly returns 29-30mpg (which it only ever gave on long runs before) and I just got almost 32mpg on the last fill up.

I do fill up each time to know what is used.

The trip meter used to do 460-500 miles and the low fuel light would come on, it now typically does about 550 and the last one was near 600.

It may be my truck had an EGR fault, but impressive none the less. It did register on Hawkeye that the EGR had been stuck open at some time.

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hi, recently joined the forum after buying a 2000 td5 auto. very interesting the results of this thread as this is a mod i have been planning to do.

which egr removal kit did you use?

there seems to be quite a few on the market and a recommendation would be grateful.


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