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  1. Land rover customer care were happy to help directly with proof of ownership e-mailed to them. I had it very quickly and they could not have been more helpful on the phone. The issue with this is until it was unlocked/disarmed the Hawkeye could not even be plugged in! I have left it as LR...as said useful to know it is on their records too!
  2. I need to try a remote receiver in the truck, I notice some are part YWY000080 and others have YWY100440 both same frequency. Anyone know if they are interchangeable?
  3. great thanks, its done. No alarm, no passive immobiliser. Running. Onto the issue. It has lost its remote function on the keys. Cheapest to start with the receiver I guess, especially as Hawkeye communicates with the BCU fine too. Are all the receivers for Disco 2 the same? How much headliner do I need to hang down to get to it? Finally if I plug another receiver in will that restore remote locking if it was the fault even though alarm and immobiliser are now disabled until sorted. Your help has been very much appreciated indeed. Thanks.
  4. OK, so things are improving! I got the EKA from LR and have got it started and moved...woohoo! I then was getting Hawkeye to turn off the immobiliser but a neighbour turned up for a chat and it activated itself again so wont start haha. I will need to go through the EKA palava yet again and be quicker to turn off the immobilser. What about the alarm? can that be turned off or does it only turn on with the plip? It seems like maybe it is the rf receiver, it would not plip on the key when I tested it quickly after turning off the engine.
  5. thanks, got it! priceless even the code given is a riddle! no idea if it will work but it may at least enable me to get in the garage if it starts it haha
  6. This relates to my other post of a stranded TD5. I have the EKA code and the handbook gives lovely instructions of how to enter it using the key, but using numbers/digits. My code has three letters and a number. What numbers do I use? I thought it worth a try, it may work to turn off the immobiliser and help diagnose the fault.
  7. Going to try and get a little time off work today and look at the BCU for wet....does the glove box have any tricks to removal or will it be self evident when I get to it. I may pull the fuse box too the other side, though it is only the key remote not working so it does seem more like a fault than water ingress to a fuse box or ECU which is likely to interfere with more than one function. It may still be the roof RF receiver I guess totally coincidental to the water leak starting in the front, I will try and find a used one and change it over. Are all the receivers the same in Disco
  8. new batteries fitted in both to check I have not been silly....no go. thanks anyway, surprising how often the obvious can be overlooked.
  9. haha! so still need to get to the problem to get hawkeye on it. Ta
  10. ah, this is getting promising. My Hawkeye is quite old and not the latest updates. I may even have EKA code but if not will get it. Re batteries in fobs, I did wonder but it would be odd for both to die at the same time and no warning of them going bad with short range etc. The red light comes on with both keys.
  11. OK, sorry for being a bit dim! better with 40 year old cars plus! Just checked, the key is working both way...it seems to be in the setting that takes 1, 2 and 3 turns so do drivers, passengers then boot. It locks it unlocks. If I unlock and open a door alarms goes off, if I shut door and use key it stops alarm. If i lock car on key with bonnet open it pips on horns telling me it has an open door/bonnet. So it does seem it all works except the remote from the keys. Switch in door seems good both ways but could be any of the other three things!
  12. Thanks sierrafery, your time and expertise is very much appreciated. I understand..yes the RF unit should not be the culprit then. I will double check once more but am sure yesterday the key will not unlock the locks centrally, just the drivers one. But if I manually unlock them all it will then lock them all which I assume points to the micro switch in the drivers lock being ok too.
  13. Thanks again. I do not want to go running into this making assumptions often wrong! As I understand it, the issue seems to be my remote keys are suddenly not disarming the alarm and immobiliser. It seems this could be one of three things and maybe an odd one of two wires in the main under bonnet fuse box which I doubt. 1) It could be a coincidence and nothing to do with the leak....the RF receiver died in the roof near rear sunroof? If this is replaced I think it is plug and play other than later reprogramming to desired options? am I correct....it may be a change to illiminate it a
  14. Thanks again, I think you may be correct. BCU....it seems to fit. I could try the dry it out on the boiler trick....hehe. I t worked on an Audi ECU that filled up with water!! Is there any way to get the car started with a duff BCU...unplug/then reconnect battery or similar? not worried if windows etc dont work but I can move it away from where it is then and set fire to it away from my garage/workshop LOL
  15. ok thanks, I will look at BCU. If changed does it need coding or anything or is it plug and play?
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