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  1. My headliner is overdue a refurb...that will be on next springs joblist. However, following the hot dry summer the roof has decided to leak badly! The front sunroof I suspect the culprit.....gets wet around headliner to front edge of it and the front of the headlining by windscreen. The winder handle/interior light area collects water which drips and deluges around bends. Initially I thought I had found the issue, the rubber glass roof seal had come adrift on one corner, it is better now it is refitted but still leaks terribly. There appears to be no water coming in past the seal against the glass itself. Experience from others as to what may be the cause would be useful, I wondered if the seal needs to be better to the roof panel around the aperture. Also I see the frame could let water under it?
  2. The air suspension seems to have some issues on the rear. The bags are good, hold air though just replaced one. However it seems not to self level and if I press the lift button it flashes orange but does not lift like it used to. I am not sure the compressor comes on at all, however it does work. I have a Hawkeye (quite old version so maybe I need to update) , each side lifts and drops when forced to and the compressor relay acts and lifts both sides at the same time. I can lift the suspension right up using the hawkeye so it seems to be something to do with the controls. Any other tests I can do I dont know of on the Hawkeye? and could it be the level sensors..if so how do I check or set them. No warning lights on dash. I wondered if it needs dropping fully on both sides and restarting?
  3. Thanks for that, very much appreciated. I can do the first one when I fix the front n/s window regulator! other than the pain of removing the door cards its easy enough for the other three! shame...old cars often could be done without removing door cards very often by carefully using a tool to pull clips up..
  4. Hi, so having looked at mine...all that illuminates is the LCD screen and one temperature control button (blue part). The bottom row not lit, the middle row under the lcd display not lit, and the 2nd temp control button not lit! I need an 850251, and the JWH100070. what illuminates the middle row under the LCD?
  5. I suppose I had a head start...I bought from a breaker the replacement so could see its fixings! the one coming off was scrap too so was not to worried about it.
  6. I have a perfect set of four window glass seals (outer) for the discovery to replace the bubbled originals which are grim now. how do I remove/replace these? I have done plenty of old cars with clips using a tool fabricated to pull the clips upwards without removing door cards etc but do not know how the disco ones are fitted. Many thanks.
  7. fantastic, thanks for both the help posts. Just sorted the new mot so onto the the other little jobs next.
  8. glad you got it off and sorry I could not remember more exactly how it was removed when I did it..
  9. I have two jobs to sort. 1) the front passenger window has a runner problem, it rocks around and jams up....if this is common what is likely to be broken? I can purchase parts before stripping that way. any tips on how to take the door card off gratefully received too! 2) I have the aircon/automatic type heater controls in a millenium edition with a digital display. All the buttons under it for fan, outside temp etc have lost the night time dial illumination so can only be found by feel! how does the panel pull out and are there little bulbs in it? Thanks for any help.
  10. Hi, I replaced my whole rear left quarter a few years ago, I cant recall how exactly I separated the top edge but I did it without wrecking anything, I think I used sharp knife/ blades. I cant recall if there was a bolt or two up the top seam too? I do remember the top interior trims were off. I got a seal finish near good as factory on the top which shows by lots of rubbing smooth and tightening the panel up to get the thin bead of adhesive gradually until it matched the other side, then I smoothed it over and over whilst it was setting using a metal tool shaped to the right profile. Black tiger seal on mine as a dark blue car. Sorry I cant be more specific I just cant remember...but it can be done without messing the roof or anything. I think I started on the rear corner and the wing came off good enough to use again if it had not got a big dint in it!
  11. Since fitting the spanish head the truck has been transformed and other than a sticky wastegate een spot on. The passenger side window jams and has come loose in its guides..........if this is common and the cause is likely known before I strip it out please let me know...its nice to have new parts at the ready. (audi's for example is usually a few quid plastic guide block!) Any tricks to removing the door panel/card? Also the rear step (7 seat one) collapsed the other day and it has rotted from in to out and the gas strut ripped off! So i need either a good used one or to strip it off and play with the welder. I think the quare plastic bung on the end of it should be left off..it seals water in and stops it running out.
  12. Mr Haynes manual says to replace the camshaft sprocket bolts when refitting, is that the case? none included in a cylinder head kit, mind you neither are all the o rings needed to fit a cylinder head.
  13. Thanks, I think i have sourced a good used filter.....nearly £100 from LR! must be made of platinum. Even pattern items are £70...........
  14. This follows on from my cylinder head replacement posts. It is all going back together and doing other jobs along the way. The head gasket kit seemed not to include an o ring which fits over the fuel pressure regulator filter and also the filter/strainer is missing on my car. Is the filter obtainable and also the o ring is this a standard size does anybody know...I don't have the old one to measure it. I wonder if the filter was removed for a reason?
  15. Thanks, on way back together now...have posted a new post re fuel pressure regulator.
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