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DVLA Points system

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Keep a vehicle’s original registration number

A rebuilt vehicle can keep its original registration number if you can prove you’ve used:

  • the original unmodified chassis or bodyshell (car or light van)
  • a new chassis or monocoque bodyshell of the same specification as the original (car or light van)
  • the original unmodified frame (motorbike)
  • a new frame of the same specification as the original (motorbike)

You must also have 2 other major components from the original vehicle from the following lists.

For cars or light vans:

  • suspension (front and back)
  • steering assembly
  • axles (both)
  • transmission
  • engine

For motorbikes:

  • forks
  • wheels
  • engine
  • gear box

Keep the original registration number

Your vehicle must have 8 or more points from the table below if you want to keep the original registration number.

5 of these points must come from having the original or new and unmodified chassis, monocoque bodyshell or frame.

Part Points Chassis,

monocoque bodyshell (body and chassis as one unit) or frame -

original or new and unmodified (direct from manufacturer) 5

Suspension (front and back) - original 2

Axles (both) - original 2

Transmission - original 2

Steering assembly - original 2

Engine - original 1

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