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Dust and Fume Extraction


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I need to get some dust extraction sorted out for the garage.

Keeping in mind that I have as small a budget as possible for this, as it's just for "hobby" use, I'm looking at these and nwondering if they are any good and which might be best for grinding dust and welding, and if possible hoovering up swarf etc (not essential as the brush does a good job of that!)?

Both are similar wattage. I know fume wise they won't vent to outside etc, but I'll be able to locate them near the door so at least the fumes are getting pulled away from me.

This looks good, simple, and a 4" hose so I reckon it would be plenty good enough to add a hood to?


But then this sort of thing would be useful and come up regularly on ebay, but only has a 1.5" hose. The start/stop would be good:


Both are over budget new but both come up second hand quite often on ebay.

Failing that the supermarket has a bagless cleaner for £22 :D

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