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tyre noise or worse...


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Hi All,

Just bought my freelander td4, 2001 on a Y - GS in blue and very happy with it - but it's pretty noisy and I'm scared I've bought one with a dodgy VCU etc despite doing quite extensive checks... or it could be tyre noise as noise varies on different road surfaces.

But despite checking the tyres for tread etc. I didn't notice each tyre is different, 4 all terrain tyres of different patterns. Is this a reasonable cause for the noise? I'm aware different tyres are not good for the 4x4 system so will sort this asap, looking for more road biased tyres than off road - any recommendations?



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Goodyear A/T is a good choice.

With a different tyre in each corner the diameter of each will be different and that will strain the 4x4 system.

You can always do the tippex test to check the vcu.

Have you heard of it?

Thanks Mr Bean, I've done the tippex test and no problem. I'll get some new tyres asap and then go from there...

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Thanks for the advice chaps.

Car was returned to the dealer (JP Motors in Maidenhead) after I found out it had been clocked by 45-50K miles. Freelander Y97 JFO (bright blue TD4 5 door) also had both fans disconnected and were on permanently once reconnected (despite the car being switched off for several hours!), battery was not secured and the wrong type with dodgy connections and the axillary drive belt snapped after 40 miles!

Car is still for sale, wrong mileage but a bit cheaper at £2750


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