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  1. Some of us just like the look of the original items...
  2. I just lowered the front part of the head lining out as it was just the front sunroof leaking. I had a perished seal around the sunroof to body and a snapped drain tube above the driver seat. I was surprised at how easy a job it was to do. See this thread http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=77630
  3. That's good to hear as when i repaired the drain tubes i took the initiative to re-seal the sunroof frame and the actual roof. Hopefully the combination of the two repairs will sort it for a few years to come. I just wish the sun-roof was never fitted seeing as though as i have climate control it is never used.
  4. If it is, it backs up my point nicely.
  5. IMO the D3 / D4 does everything a little bit better than the D2 but at a lot more expense. I went down the low mileage (40,000miles) face lifted D2 route when buying last year, excellent choice it was too!
  6. I did consider the option that should water be getting in there in the first place? But the seal between the glass and the frame is not leaking so which seal are you referring to?
  7. Well over the past few weeks i have been getting very wet everytime i have been out in the rain. By very wet i mean i soaked! The good lady has taken it twice to a local garage who said they cant find anything wrong! Thankfully they never charged anything. So yesterday i finally got round to dropping the roof lining at the front to see if i could see anything. Well low and behold the drain pipe above the drivers seat had snapped off! So i have found some plastic tube the right size kicking around in the shed and have glued it in and connected the drain pipe back together. During last nigh
  8. Thanks for the reply. I also need the little angled brackets. Do you know what the part number for those are? Thanks Trev
  9. In my opinion these are the best options. 1. Find a second hand door the same colour and fit. Cost £50 - £100 2. Find a second hand door any colour then repaint it. Cost £250 - £300 3. Supply a new door and paint as appropriate. Cost £500 - £750 Tell the insurance company nothing as it is an excuse to rob you next year!
  10. I too think that Discovery 3 platform would be a good place to start...Just put some round headlights on it so it looks Defenderish.
  11. Take it back to the dealer and DEMAND that it is fixed. I mean you have spent around £20,000 and it doesn't work? WTF...I would not be happy!
  12. I have the bonnet mounted spare wheel carrier fitted to my Series 3 but i have no bolts for it. Does anyone know what the bolt is that i need?
  13. That BBC article does disprove the theory.... SNAKE OIL !!!
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