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Thanks but, new problem arrives like un wanted friend

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Firstly, many thanks for everyone who helped resolve what turned out to be a fuel lift pump problem. Refitted a new one and tinkered around a bit and the landy went a beaut for over a week.

Until, this afternoon it started to overrev, lose power and over heat from under the bonnet. I noticed that a clear liquid (didn't smell like diesel) was leaking from under the fuel injector area (may not be the fuel injector pump). I limped home (the landy did slowly gain speed though little over 30mph)and now wonder if anyone can advise me on the latest mechanical drama. Thanks in advance.

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That's where the lift pump is (on a 300tdi anyway, you don't say what version you have). Therefore as you have recently replaced the lift pump, my first thought would be that you are letting air in the fuel here... Of course this would also mean that the clear fluid you have seen is diesel. Try to tighten the lift pump fuel connections...

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Thanks for the suggestion. Its an old 90 19j td model.

I do now also suspect that fuel is leaking as the fuel consumption seemed excessive. I'll give the fuel lift pump another look, as well as checking the filter again. Worst case scenario I guess I'll need to remove and reseal the pump area.

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