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New Freelander owner; tyre choices?

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I've just picked up a 2004 Freelander TD4 Sport for the winter.

I already have a Series III/Defender Hybrid (currently SORN) and I realise that my Freelander won't go where that will but yesterday I suffered a (very slow and as controlled as possible) 900 degree spin/slide downhill after it failed to climb it.

The day before I managed to drive a number of closed roads (including Winnats Pass) without issue but I found that yesterday the tyres got so packed with snow that they became useless - I'm sure that this machine is more capable than its current tyres are.

It currently has 235/50 R18's on it (3 Falken and 1 Continental) and as far as I can see there's no offroad tyre choices in this size so I was wondering what tyre options are available for my wheels or should I change the wheels and tyres.

I'm not bothered about price as long as they're decent and will prevent more sliding!

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Hi, Thinking of doing the same as you with my freelander sport (as I put sideways earlier today in the snow) and i'm looking around websites and magazines and stuff for ideas.

Out of interest, What size BFGs have you used? And how much from Silverline£?



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I wish i'd gone that route for my Sport and bought a set of winter wheels, those look great.

All 4 of my current tyres were extremely worn so i decided to replace them with 235/50/18 Falken STZ01's for £470. The difference in grip in snow was amazing but i can't imagine it would be anywhere near as good as having as set of those. Maybe next year.

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