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central diff locker linkage, a new route

ricky tango

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right guys and girls (are there any of the latter on the forum??)

my dilema

rrc 3.9 auto with borg box

as i am giving it an all mighty shake down and removing all the bits that made it a range rover in the first place :D i am now at the point of swapping the transfer box to a lt230

but !!!

as my car has 35's and a three inch body lift to fit them in alongside the suspension tweaks i am looking at the d2 cdl linkage that is no longer readily available.

reason for the d2 linkage is it bolts the the exhaust tunnel and not the gear box so as to raise the shifter with the car body, i would prefer this way as with shifter extensions the the throw is to wide and feels like poop

so first off who has one spare ???

secondly does anyone have a couple of good quality pictures of one as i'm obviously going to have to fabricate my own version

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