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Disco 200tdi heater intake & Power Steering fix.


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2 x Quick questions.

- My heater blower has started to develop a rather noisy blowing sound on high. Now I know this could be the heater motor bushes on there way out but it is also very similar to the noise dads 90 was making when the heater intake grill on the left hand side of the bonnett was crusted up with ice so not enough air could be drawn.

Therefore I am hoping that mine is caused by the same issue but I cannot find the intake for my heater so please if anyone can arrow a picture of it that would be greater.

- I have developed a small power steering leak from the bottom of the box, nothing to major but I want to cure it with one of those additives that you put into the system when its low and stops the leaks. However I am unsure which modern ones work so does anyone have any reccomendations?

All the best


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