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I know it's a bit late but we have our six monthly meeting on behalf of CRAG with Shropshire rights of way at Craven Arms.

Anyone is welcome or if you have any lane issues (Shropshire) you would like raised let me know and I will raise them.

Items on the agenda are


10th March 2011

• Apologies

• Minutes from the last meeting

- Salt Lane Pitchford (claim query)

• General update – re: working with Crag - (see prioritised list)

• BOAT 4 Lydbury North – Fill hole between fords and clear (clearance done)

• BOAT 1 Clunbury – Stop mud run out into road

• BOAT 13 – Quatt Malvern – works complete

• BOAT 54 Alveley – Drainage and surface issue

• BOAT 50 Clun (Five Turnings) – Raise surface and clear

• BOAT 12/14 Munslow (Rowe Lane) – Replace footbridge

• BOAT 5 Richard Castle – Next phase of work

• New issue – BOAT 23 Farlow – A real mess and closure probably needed for the winter.

• UCR management by Countryside Access Team

– progress report

• Voluntary Restraints

• Volunteer support and priorities for the forthcoming year

• Obstructions

• Any other business

• Date for the next meeting

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Minutes of the Byways Liaison Group Meeting

10.00 Thursday 10th March 2011


Present: Richard Knight (SC), Ray Dadd (CRAG), Bob Smith (CRAG),

Apologies: David Cowell (National Trust), Gareph Boxley (CRAG) no other apologies were received

Minutes from last meeting

The minutes were read and agreed as an accurate record of the previous liaison group meeting.

Matters Arising

RK reported back on Salt Lane (Pitchford to Golding). Shona Lewis, who deals with claims to amend the definitive map, reported to RK that this lane is not recorded as anything at present and no claims for the route are on record. She is aware that others have shown an interest in the past and the landholder has been made aware that a claim could be forthcoming in the future.

General Update

RK and BS report that the works to repair BOAT 4 in Lydbury North and BOAT 1 in Clunton were completed shortly after the last meeting. Thanks to Bob and CRAG for their work.

BOAT 54 Alveley remains a headache due to drainage issues that RK will continue to work on. RK/BS/RD agreed a way forward depending on funding (see below)

The serious damage occurring on BOAT 23 in Farlow that runs along Silvington Common was discussed. Again action on this will depend on funding (see below)

No other issues were discussed in detail as the ability of Shropshire Council to fund works is uncertain at present.

RK reported that the capital funding that is used to fund the joint work of CRAG and SC on larger projects has now been cancelled from April 1st. The whole Outdoor Recreation Service is undergoing a restructure which will probably mean an integrated maintenance team that will deal with ROW, council owned sites and play areas. The funding of this work was uncertain at the moment and it was too early to say what budget would be available to continue this type of work or what capacity there would be within the new team. Undoubtedly, work of this nature would have to continue as Shropshire Council have a statutory duty to do it, but no team plans or budgets were yet available to programme this type of work.

The manager of the new team is expected to be in place in April and team plans and budgets would flow soon after this when the picture will be a bit clearer.

UCR Management

RK reported on the work done on some UCRs this year and the forward programme that is ongoing in the Long Mynd and Medlicott area. This work is funded from our Highways partners and falls outside the funding described above.

The survey of other UCRs that could be included in those managed by the Access Team is ongoing and will be reported towards the end of the survey.

The status of UCRs was again discussed as this is still an area of uncertainty with implications due to the NERC act. No real conclusions were forthcoming and no clear actions were identified. This issue will be revisited in AOB.

Voluntary Restraints

None at present and none suggested.

Volunteer Support and Priorities for the Forthcoming Year

This will have to be agreed once the funding and capacity issues outlined above are resolved.


No new obstructions were reported.


RK stated that in the new team structure it was possible that the byways liaison group would be hosted by the access development team. The Maintenance Team Leader would probably still be involved in the group as this group did spend a lot of time discussing practical issues and their resolution. RK stated that this move could be good for the group as he was unable to provide many answers to non practical issues such as the UCR status question. Different officers within the group could work with the group to provide some of these answers, or try to!!

RK also suggested that this may be a reason why attendance within the group had been falling off. This meeting only had those involved in practical solutions in attendance. A wider involvement from SC could involve more members of the group.

Date of next meeting -

15th September 2011 at 10.00- 12.00 Craven Arms Community Centre

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