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  1. I am thinking of buying a 110 which is 3050 GVW and have been told that some are 3500 GVW. I really need to carry that extra bit of weight, would anyone know if it's possible to uprate, I assume it will involve fitting double springs like a 130 but what else?
  2. with water in the on board tank, the valves open and pump pto in gear you can actually hear the water swishing around the impellor, it just doesn't seem to pick up suction. I will take another look to see if theres anyway to prime it manually?
  3. yes I am afraid I don't know the difference but I would assume it is The impeller turns, valves are open, water is at the impeller but it will not pump it out, it dribbles out. I took the cover off the impeller thinking I would find some thing wrong but it all seems fine in there.
  4. I have a 110 fire engine which will not pump water, I engage the pto and the impeller turns but nothing comes out the hose and yes there is water in the tank, any ideas?. Its a Godiva pump.
  5. Hindsight is a wonderfull thing, I waited for my co driver each time at the top of the steps and on the 2nd lap we was penalised because I drove off before he had his shoulder strap buckled up although he did have his lap belt secured, that penalty cost us 10th place which would have been automatic qualification next year, we was 26seconds behind Nick Anderson, we finished 11th which to be fair we are more than happy with. Like Mike we are running Land Rover axles, engine, chassis and gearbox. It was our first outing in this truck and the very first time we had actually driven it off road.
  6. It is not confined to industry, we work on trees throughout the country and therefore have to deal with Local Authorities who are definately no better. Even checking if a tree has a Preservation Order or is within a Conservation Area can be a daunting task and to try and acutally speak with a tree officer is like trying to get blood out of a stone. Local authority personel interaction has gone down hill in the last 4/5 years.
  7. Thanks for the replies lads, much appreciated.
  8. Changed the fuel filter today and within minutes it was hot, not to hot that you cannot touch it but certainly very warm. I guess this is due to the fuel returning back to the tank after running through the system?.
  9. Thanks for that, I forgot to say it's on an auto if that makes any difference.
  10. The transfer box has gone on my D2 and I have one from a D1, does anyone know if they are the same.?
  11. Anyone know how to check the gearbox oil on a TD5 Auto.
  12. Have you actually measured one, quite often what is stamped on the side wall bears no resemblance to the true size.
  13. We put new Ashcroft shafts and CV's before we went and had no problems completing all four laps with 35". I think you would struggle with 33".
  14. What are you doing and what are you trying to achieve.
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