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Defender 90 V8 EFI conversion problems!


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Dear All.

I am new to the world of forums, but am at my wits end with my 1984 Land Rover 90 engine conversion. please please (on my knees begging) help me!

I purchased a 1986 RR classic 3.5 EFI air flapper. When I purchased the RR the engine would not start, I soon rectified the fault by purchasing and installing a new fuel pressure pump. the engine started but ran lumpy! Changed the leads and plugs and she ran like a new motor! Then proceeded to remove engine and wiring loom and install in my 90. Have everything installed and plumbed up, BUT THE F***ING THING WONT START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have checked and re checked all that I can think of and still not getting anywhere. Fuel pressure is good, sparking to all plugs, a good 12v to the injectors perfect continuity on that notorious white/black wire from coil +ve to pin 1 on the 4CU ECU all relays click and seem to be ok...........etc! All I get when I turn it over is a few coughs and splutters on a few revolutions, then a large smell of fuel, (over fueling possibly??)and then nothing! Removing cold start injector plug makes no difference.

So I beg of you... to all you genious EFI air flapper gods out there please help, otherwise I think this may be the death of me!!!!!(not being too dramatic!)

Cheers, a very desperate Dan in Dorset!

p.s if all else fails anyone want to buy a project!!!

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IIUC the engine ran fine when taken out of the RRC. Then one would think of something "hardware" first. Sometimes people fool themselves by rags or whatever that were forgotten somewhere, this can happen to anyone. Then you might have an earth-problem to which an EFI-Ecu is quite sensitive. Rarely it happens that pins of the big multi-plug (engine harness to ecu) are pushed backwards out of position when they aren´t locked properly at production. Gave some head scratching moments (guess to whom :) ). That easy to see. Then it really could have something to do with the ignition. Be it coil or whatever - anything which had to be touched away from the engine.

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pins are all good on ECU plug, good earthing contacts on block and body. have tried changing plugs, leads and coil no difference, but funny u say about rags left in places, this has crossed my mind too. I do rember taking of phelem to re spray and stuffed blue roll down all the trumpets but cant believe i would have left them there. but its one of thoes things u think about and then start to doubt your self!!!! only one way to find out i suppose! Aaaaah!

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