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A good start (for a bad starter)

Tex Gore

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Aye up,

I have a bobtail Disco 200 (truck cabbed). She has a (rather odd) rollcage, 2" lift, Insa Special Tracks and a few other bits. She's a great truck thus far used for Pay n Play. I believe she was built by Durham 4x4 and they've done a lovely job.

I'd love to do something competitive, however I don't really know where to start. I did drop a few mails to the N/W LR Club but to no avail. The entry requirements for vehicles seems a bit confusing, then again I don't know where the definitive resource really is. Although I don't know much about the different types of event, I don't fancy winch challenges (and anyway, I don't have a winch so that's fortunate), quite like the faster stuff but don't think the car is really fast enough, so somewhere in the middle would be good. She is fully road-legal incidentally.

Any advice/thoughts folks?



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