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insurance manchester cover

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Well, just had my insurance done. :(:blink: Gone from £371 last to £694. :angry: :angry: All because where I live, namely Manchester hotspot for crime. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: Being unemployed or retired becomes a crime :o :o having a vehicle over 8 seat is a crime namely 1988 Land rover 110 petrol 3.5 v8 with lpg :( So anybody living or driving over or under 50 with a land rover 110csw in machester your have been warned. MOVE So can anybody recommend a reasonable area to live in England :unsure: On another note insurance seem to get nervous now with the amount seats you vehicle have. Would removing my bench seat (3 seater) and centre seat and register as 5 seat o the V5c help later for insurance and saleability?

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