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Megasquirt etc

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After a couple of queries from people I thought I'd post up to clarify what does what:

MegaSquirt is a complete fuel and ignition ECU, it can run fuel only, ignition only or both together.

MegaJolt is a cut-down MegaSquirt that only has the components needed for ignition. It can't be used to do fuel injection.

There are different revisions of the MegaSquirt main circuit board (PCB) as it has developed:

V1.01 - early first run of boards, you're very unlikely to have one of these. Harder to modify for spark, but doable.

V2.2 - 2nd version of boards, popular and I think still available. Easier to modify for ignition and other options. Slightly cheaper than a V3 board (~£170 built / ~£120 kit form)

V3 - Latest board, upgraded spec PCB and components for better temperature range, heat-sinking, layout and idiot-proofing (protected power supplies/inputs). Also comes with an ignition circuit already built in as well as a proto area for modifying / adding bits. About £220 built / £170 kit form I think) but well worth the extra IMHO.

MS-II (NOT to be confused with revisions above) is an upgraded processor for the MegaSquirt. It has more memory and program storage, is faster and has all sorts of other features. It should plug into the CPU socket on an existing MegaSquirt board. It runs a different version of the MegaSquirt software that has more bells and whistles.

MicroSquirt (clicky) is basically a V3 PCB shrunk down, it can't handle huge injector currents (not a problem for us) and connects slightly differently but is fuinctionally identical. No idea on price but damn it's cool - need to persuade the lodger to 'squirt his motorbike :D

The best UK source for kits or ECU's is Bill Shurvinton, PM or e-mail me for his details.

In all cases ignition options can be:

- You lock the dizzy advance and MegaSquirt acts as an ignition amp as well as looking after timing & dwell (just picks up from the points) driving your original coil through the dizzy cap & rotor

- Using a Ford EDIS setup (crank sensor, toothed wheel, EDIS control box and coil packs) MegaSquirt talks to the EDIS and controls the timing, the EDIS looks after dwell and all that.

- You stick VB921 ignition driver chips in the MegaSquirt and use a crank sensor and coil packs or coil on plug and the MegaSquirt does all of the ignition function.

- There are many other ways of doing it, limited only by how mad people want to be. Check www.msefi.com or http://megasquirt.sourceforge.net/extra/index.html for info.




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