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Kingpin Technic Tracker - any reviews?

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Hi all,

I'm in need of two front tyres and whilst I have been perfectly happy with my Insa Turbo Traction Tracks I would like something quieter on the road, in the hope that less noise equals a little more fuel economy. I still do occassional green laning but don't do pay and play or trials anymore so don't think I need quite such an aggressive tread.

After LOADS of searching I like the look of the Kingpin Technic Tracker but can't find any reviews.


Anyone used them or know someone who has? Anyone better at googling than me and can find a review?

At £239 for a set of four to my door I'm not really looking for anything else. I'll stick with my Insa's if needed as money is very tight and two new insas will be £160 fitted.

I'm sure I noticed a drop in fuel economy when I fitted the Insas, so if I can get this back it would be helpful!

Cheers, Martin

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