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LT230 knocking/rattling

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Hey ppl,

I've got a problem with my transfer box, in every gear it rattles/knocks. It actually was whining very badly, but then i found out that the low gearing lever linkage was not assembled properly. So i fixed and adsjusted it, and then the terrible rattling/knocking started.

This is a little video I made of the noise:

I hope anyone of u can help me. The plan is to drain the box and check the plug for any pieces of metal.

Kind Regards.

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worn bearings and differential. i've had this on my box before and i swapped it out for a 'new' box. dismantled the old box and all the bearings were worn, the teeth were worn (as the bearings were worn and allowed too much play). so it's a box out job. depending on the state of the teeth, you might be better off with a new box.

a worn diff is pretty easy to detect, as when driving hit the brakes repeatedly in neutral, you do hear a 'clack' sound as the diff takes up the slack. if you have the ears for it, you can try rolling down a hill, in neutral and engine off, you can hear the diff clicking with the speed you are rolling down. just remember to hit the brakes really hard as you don't have the servo assist.

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