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What a way to end the year - finally got the doors back on my RRC! Since both lock barrels are busted, rather than replacing them the path of least resistance appeared to be to put central door locking motors in each door. Of course, nothing is ever that simple....

I have a central locking controller that came off another vehicle (originally from ebay - dead cheap). No surprise then, that the installation 'instructions' bear no resemblance to the unit in my hand.

What I intended was that the motors in each door would be master actuators, so that moving the locks manually from the inside would be mirrored by the other door. Having made up the wiring harness with 5 wires to each actuator I now find that the controller doesn't seem to support the use of master actuators at all, unless I am missing some obvious.

What I have got on the controller is a relay for unlocking and one for locking. Both these relays have volt-free change-over contacts. In order to get the unit to drive the motors, I have to connect the Normally Closed contacts of both relays to ground, and the Normally Open to 12V. The motors then connect to the common contacts of the relays. This drives the motors OK, but there are no inputs on the unit to monitor the status of the feedback switches on the actuators.

Normal practice seems to be connecting the common of the feedback switches on the actuators to ground, and the other poles of the switches to the lock and unlock inputs of the controller (generally white & brown wires by the look of it). The controller I have has none of these inputs, so my question is this: Has anyone managed to get master actuators working on a unit like this one?

I suspect that the unit I have is designed to be a universal fitting; providing access to all the relay contacts in preference to the lock & unlock inputs. I will most likely end up running the motors open loop, unless anone has any ideas.... :(

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