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CD interchanger


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I am now the proud owner of a TD4 55 plate HSE (my Discovery died)

The problem I have is that when I select CD on the radio and the multi changer kicks in, sound only comes out of the left hand channel and very faintly and dull.

This is not the case with the radio or if you load a CD into the slot behind the front.

I have checked the connection off the multi changer under the seat and it appears OK!

Any suggestions?


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Hi Paul,

Welcome to the world of Hippo ownership!

Seeing as the radio/CD works OK I would look at the earth arrangement on the multichanger itself.

It could be a simple grounding fault - take a piece of wire from a metallic part of the multichanger (one of the screws or somewhere on the casing should have an earth symbol next to it) and ground it out on the chassis somewhere...it's worth a try!

Good luck!

Big Flow77

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