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Engine rebuild options


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OK - so I have a 4.0 Gems with a serious oil usage problem. All plugs look good apart from no.6 which was wet with oil. Visibly burning oil and getting progressively worse. Little smoke on start up or when cold but as it warms up it gives a good puff of smoke when booting it, not so much on overun and some burning today when idling on the drive. No overheating and no use of coolant. It has had head work before my ownership and when I bought it the lambda on the same bank was dead. So I'm guessing a blown head and overheat sometime in the past.

I want to keep the truck so a strip down is on the cards. Assuming it isn't a slipped liner (no coolant issues) and rather head/rings related, can I get no.6 piston and con-rod out with just the sump and head off and the lump in the car? If so what are my chances of honing the cylinder in situ, assuming the bores not damaged?

I'm not averse to a full strip and rebuild but would need to find alternative transport while I do it.


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