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P38 Diesel Oil Cooler Hose


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Got a small dilema. One of the engine oil cooler hoses on my DHSE is leaking.

I've done a temporary repair, cutting off the offending pressed joint, shortening the rubber hose a smidge, putting a swage on the end of the steel pipe and refitting with much RTV and 4 jubilee clips, but it still leaks a bit.

Obviously I'll fit a new hose, but neither Allmakes or Bearmach have any in stock and are back-ordered until end of Feb. I can get a britpart one, but my usual policy is "I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than fit anything made by Britpart to my truck."

So can britpart be trusted with things that contain liquid under pressure? Or am I better off sticking with the temporary repair until Allmakes / bearmach sort their stock out?

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