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  1. Arjan, is your keyboard on fire with fingers that fast? PS: Thanks, it's obvious now 🤦‍♂️
  2. Series 3 alternator brackets - a non cast version of the cast ones.
  3. I've seen the release bearing pins wear unevenly before, but never seen one actually fall off. Well done 🤪
  4. Yes. And they actually move some air too. I added a 3 speed resistor, and rarely do I ever use anything other than speed 1.
  5. Here's one for you. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264275865191
  6. Here you go Ian. https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/96860-a-100-inch-love-affair/?do=findComment&comment=955326
  7. Turn it 90° and you could get another 3 of those on the trailer.
  8. Late to the party, but going back to the Lidl tools part of this discussion, I've had a few bits from there over the years, and looking back the only thing that has lasted beyond about 5 minutes was a pair of extendable plasterboard props. The rest of it has been utter garbage, especially anything with electricity in it. Dremel jobbie broke on 1st use, corded drill with so little torque the motor ate itself, gas soldering pen not far behind.
  9. Yes, forged, my bad. I've had lots of conversations about radius arm strength from my comp safari involvement. The general consensus is the stock arms may be heavy, but are the strongest by a country mile. All of the aftermarket welded ones eventually fail, normally just by cracking and peeling apart along the welds. I have seen an 's' shaped stock arm, but that was after a fairly hefty tree strike, so no big surprise as something had to give. Disco 2 bushes with cutouts / drill holes positioned top and bottom would be the best option for strength and rotational flex.
  10. Regarding the front radius arms, something I've seen before on a comp safari car that I thought was pretty cool, was to use Disco 2 type chassis mounts, and an extension piece that screwed onto the standard defender arms, lengthening them by about 12" or so. This gives the obvious advantage of longer arms whilst being able to keep the stock (strong) cast ones, and the better design of the Disco 2 chassis bushings. I think it was on a Tomcat type thing, might well have been a custom job tho.
  11. Clearly not your first go with the hot metal glue gun. What are you doing about extending the half shafts?
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