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  1. That has turned out really nice. Top work.
  2. Bugger. You don't have much luck with building garages. I hope it's not undone too much of your hard work.
  3. In order of probability. 1. Fuse 2. Hazard switch 3. Relay
  4. If it's something that you want fixed permanently in the same position, then no bolt on solution is ever going to match welding on a nicely fabricated purpose made bracket (a la binky), but if it's a removable something then I'd be looking at truss clamps. Normally used for holding lights to some scaffold over a stage, they come in a good range of roll-cage sizes, have a good load rating, are easily removed, and don't look horrendous. I used them for my quick on-off roof bars.
  5. Does it have to be bolt on or are you willing to break out the hot metal glue gun?
  6. I'm not involved with any MSA events these days, but still know many who are, and it's fair to say this has caused a great deal of animosity. Ian Davis has a bit of a history of upsetting folk at Clubman level by imposing (IMO) poorly conceived new rules with no warning. The ALRC have been all over this one Update here I'll say no more, other than from experience, you're going to have to learn to live with it because the MSA don't do u-turns.
  7. Given that all other LR's seem to use the smaller bolts I think you'll probably be ok.
  8. I would be tempted to go with: 3. Replace the ball joint in the original fulcrum. At least you know it all matches up then. They're not that tricky to do if you have a decent vice and can swing a hammer.
  9. No. They are fitted from the inside before the bezel ring is pressed on.
  10. It was a while ago. Just dug out the eBay email. Listing title was "HONDA CIVIC 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 2005-2011 2.2 ELECTRIC HEATER" And here's one for super cheap eBay Linky
  11. That one in the link is one half of a pair. There will be separate horns for high and low tones, where as I think the standard defender horn is a single combined unit. If you want loud from a single horn, buy a stebel nautilus. Needs wiring via a relay tho.
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