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  1. I did my loom recent. There are a myriad of different connectors out there you can buy, and I tried a few. The best ones IMO were sumitomo hm jobbies. I did all of my crimping with a £15 ebay tool, which 99% of the time worked really well. It was only really with the stuff that was either too big or too small for the dies that I made a mess.
  2. I considered it, but couldn't find a good solution so just bought one. They will require a fight to fit, and stink for a while but it does fade eventually.
  3. They look rather like junior timer (JT) terminals. https://www.polevolt.co.uk/acatalog/Terminals_for_Connector_Housings.html
  4. Nope. Both are blade fuses. Different layouts. Even on just the 200 I have come across 3 different layouts that were used over the years.
  5. I've got an old but quality separates receiver, cd player and a decent pair of big (Wharfedale) speakers that are buried at the back of either end of the top shelf. My choices are limited to whatever on the radio, or CDs, but it's nice to have decent quality sound. I think I got the whole lot for less than £20 off Gumtree, probably 8-10 years ago now.
  6. No, I left that in, but would have taken it out had I thought about it at the time. Bit harder to do when it's on the car.
  7. The other mod I did at the same time was to add relays for the headlights. Those yellow relay holders just clip together, so I got 2 more of them, swapped a few wires around down at the fuse box, and added in a dedicated power feed for each. Probably how LR should have done it originally.
  8. Yes I did this mod on my 200 loom. I can't help with the red connector, but the only wire you need to keep is the blue/red, cut and join either side of the relay. The rest of them can go in the bin. I was quite surprised at how much I took out.
  9. I've run out of diesel in a 300tdi before. It will be down on power before it stops completely so you should be aware it's low. I just put some more in, cranked it over for a couple of extra seconds and away you go.
  10. I've always wondered why there is a switch hole punched into the stiffener panel under a defender binnacle, on the right hand side. From my experience, all pre puma defenders have this, and it's always fitted with a blanking plug. Anyone know what it's for?
  11. It's quite simple. Pins 30 and 86 both need to have volts to get output on pin 87.
  12. Mud UK were very helpful, but didn't have an answer. I solved it tho. There is no pin out on a carling hazard switch for an external tell tale, so don't try. Instead, use a relay. So the hazard light on pin 87 will only be lit when both indicator tell tales are live, which of course only happens when the hazard lights are on. So simple, I came up with it all on my own. 😁
  13. Yes that is how I have wired up the switch. The feed for the tell tale is taken from the LGN wire as the carling switch doesn't have the BR the stock switch does. It works just fine when you turn it on, but goes a bit nuts when turned off. The lights on the TD5 panel are a mix of live and earth switched. The hazard is live switched.
  14. The relay is fed from the hazard switch. I've been through and tested all of the wires at the relay and where they go for end to end continuity and leakage to other earth / lives. All come up good. I've even simplified the switch by jumping the purple (perm live) and light green (feed to relay) and the dash tell tale still goes mad. However, as there is a tell tale on the switch itself, I don't actually need the one on the dash to work to be legal, it would just be nice to use it seeing as it's there. So for now I've removed pin 9 and put some heat shrink around it. If anyone has encountered and solved this problem with a TD5 dash upgrade in the past, please do share!
  15. I agree. That would probably stop it going bonkers. But I don't believe that both the relays I have can be bad in the same way.
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