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  1. If I were you I'd break the melted bit open, just to find out what size fuse it has it in, then snip it off and fit a new fuse holder and fuse with some freshly crimped terminals. It looks like you should just have enough wire there.
  2. If you google JIUNN UEI (https://www.google.com/search?q=jiunn+uei) it brings up some fuse holders that look similar. It could be as simple as a corroded connection that's generating the heat. Does it open up like the ones shown in google images?
  3. My detail sander stopped working. It does this when powered on. I've checked the brushes, they are fine. Is it scrap?
  4. Engines are pretty much identical. Discovery had a higher output alternator, but that's no bad thing. Also, the defender has a bracket for the air filter housing that is held on by 2 of the head bolts, discovery didn't, so you might need to take them out to swap it on. Some later auto discovery's had an electronic injection pump vs the cable type.
  5. If it bothers you that much fit some packers under the spring seats on one side.
  6. Just to close this off, it was the switch at fault. I fitted a new Lucas one and the problem is solved.
  7. Does anybody know if the 200tdi and 300tdi wiper switches are the same switch, just with a different plug on the wires? They look the same, and have the same functionality. PRC7370 and AMR6106
  8. Mine is a 110 tub shortened to fit a 100" wheelbase. No reason why you couldn't make it fit a 90 instead. Take the outer wing skins off and move them forward the required amount, then lop a huge chunk off the back.
  9. Thanks Ian. What's a tell-screw?
  10. For the horizontal pieces, bolt them on. For the verticals just woodscrews as they will be going into timber. For the latch, I have limited space right up against the fence, so I was thinking of chopping a section of fence out, setting in a new post at the right place then welding a D loop onto the gate and a simple automatic latch like you find on field gates.
  11. 😁 Ah ha, a professional! I was probably going to use roofing battens, either 38mm or 50mm ones. 3 of them fixed to the outside Metalwork horizontally (top, middle, bottom) then lots of vertical ones with small spacing between fixed onto those. For the post, as big as required, and it can be fixed to a brick wall for extra strength. My initial thoughts for the steel frame were 40mm x 3mm box section, but after talking to a farmer friend he thought that was overkill, hence my question.
  12. I need to make a new gate for the side of the house. It's LR related because that's what will need to pass through it 🙃 It needs to be a single gate due to width restrictions. I'd like to make a metal frame, and then fix some 4" pales to one side with 1/2" spacing. My question is, what size box section (and possibly angle for the diagonals) should I be looking at to keep it sturdy yet as light as possible?
  13. I'm fixing up a 300tdi loom, and somebody has cut the main power wires from the under bonnet fuse box. Is anyone able to measure how long they should be for me? From the bulkhead grommet up to the connectors ideally. Also what size connectors are on the ends?
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