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  1. I always just use a large hammer. Hit the side of the casting with the hole in it right and the ball joint pops out.
  2. daveturnbull

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    That's for the dim/dip resistor. You don't need it. I've just stripped that whole circuit out of my project loom.
  3. daveturnbull

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Your loom should have a Lucas bullet connector on the end of the indicator wire(s). As do the wires from the indicator and side repeater. They just link together in one of these connector blocks.
  4. daveturnbull

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Hence the careful and controlled use of the engine crane. I think if Ross wasn't worried about the paint he could probably just pick them up and plonk them on (with the tools out first).
  5. daveturnbull

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Those are for the door switches for the interior light. They feed into the bulkhead pillars to connect to the switch which is located in the door shut.
  6. daveturnbull

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Glow plug timer relay.
  7. daveturnbull

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Surely by now you've invented an over-engineered way of picking the boxes up with the engine crane to plonk them on the chassis...?
  8. daveturnbull

    Lucas alternators - .TR or .C8 ?

    Surely LRDirect would be best placed to answer your query.
  9. daveturnbull

    VDO sensors for 200TDI?

    5/8” UNF
  10. daveturnbull

    Taillamp wiring and econoseal plugs

    This help?
  11. daveturnbull

    ibex 300 build

    Very low profile. I am however wondering how long you're going to get away with having your winch rope party obscuring the number plate.
  12. daveturnbull

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Steady on Ross, it's looking like you might finish a distraction project
  13. daveturnbull

    VDO sensors for 200TDI?

    Senders will need to be matched to the gauge they are supplying. Really you need to figure out what the thread on the sender vs the thread in it's hole is. This may help - kit of common adapter sizes.
  14. daveturnbull

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Thinking about it, the white/purple-ish might well be the fuel pump feed for a petrol derivative - also touched on in my thread linked above.
  15. daveturnbull

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Well the only electronics in a 200Tdi fuel tank are for the level sender, which only uses 3 wires, as can be seen in your picture of the round plug. Your new loom seems to have 5 wires at this point, I don't know what for but obviously you don't need them so just tape the up out of the way. Unless your existing loom has a joint further up for the 3 individual connections to the round plug then it looks like you might have to cut and join the wires, or at least make up a piece to join into the individual connectors to avoid cutting your shiny new loom. The slate/red we have just done in my other thread here with a good explanation by Mr Hippo.

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