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  1. With those fancy shocks you might be at risk of turning into a fast bloke! And when you do, your next problem will be the PAS fluid boiling. Bigger resirvoir and a cooler in the return line is the favorite solution.
  2. Sounds like a nice discrete plan. Tigerseal is just a brand, any decent PU adhesive should do the same. Or take a look on amazon
  3. Interested to see your plans in more detail Arjan, but I've found that a few strategic mechanical fixings (bolts / rivets) along with a good bead of tigerseal is more than sufficient for sticking bits of land rover bodywork together.
  4. Water & Boil Proof. Exterior Plywood.
  5. Can you not just go and pick it up from B&Q / Wickes?
  6. I wouldn't be frightened off by any of that. Just make sure you give it all a good check over and verify the ID with the DVLA to be sure it's legit. As Mike says, the fact it has been looked at and Q plated is a good thing. Regarding the mileage discrepancy, speedo heads are so easily changed it really doesn't surprise me if the truck has had loads of other work done too. On an old Defender mileage is largely irrelevant anyway, you are far better off inspecting the condition of what you can see in front of you. Take a seasoned LR mechanic along to look at it, they should be able to spot any tell tale signs of things that are about to implode.
  7. What, no crosshatch on the jaws?
  8. Any of you live near Kidderminster and fancy a potential bargain? eBay linky
  9. You must be glad to be working on it again. The washer jets look tidy, and I know those ones put out a fair squirt. Are you running a standard defender pump for them, or something man size?
  10. Now show us the picture of all those empty tins squished up. I want to see how thin you got them without breaking the vice.
  11. Check out this 'lil beastie
  12. If I was to ever start collecting something (and it can't be Land Rovers, I'd get in far too much trouble) then I think it would have to be old vices. Locally to me there are currently for sale a Record No. 75, Record No. 74 and Parkinsons No. 8 which I am currently resisting. The other day I found this which some of you might enjoy. Vice Porn
  13. I watched episodes 1 & 2 and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Top effort, keep it up.
  14. I've seen a richards chassis be delivered in a LWB van, stacked on it's side. They did have a van full of them tho. so weight distribution wasn't all over one side.
  15. Somebody didn't (not me) so at least it will live on and hopefully be put back into active service. Not so sure I would have taken the beef tripe soup....