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  1. daveturnbull

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Nearly there George, keep going. I'd be tempted to put some sticky back foam on the inside of those footwell trim panels. The plastic connectors vibrating against them will drive you mad.
  2. daveturnbull

    X-Eng Pedal Lock - Cam Lock

    And the answer is, Lowe & Fletcher 2403.
  3. How much is the special plug spanner, and how long will it take to get over here?
  4. daveturnbull

    Random wiring connectors

    Slow day, so I did some googling. 10 points to Mike (you need to get out more ), white and black plugs are for mirror switches. The blue plug is obviously where it connects to the rest of the main loom. For an extra 20 points, what is the part number of the sub loom? The closest I can get is PRC6062, but this has the wrong plugs for the main loom connection.
  5. daveturnbull

    Random wiring connectors

    These are on a piece of loom attached to a Range Rover Classic clock. I've seen plenty of the white ones before, the blue one doesn't look too familiar, and the black one is a real wildcard. God knows why the loom designers at Rover felt the need to use every different type of connector they could lay their hands on.
  6. daveturnbull

    200 & 300 tdi bulkhead differences

    I think the 300 has some extra brackets engine side for fuse box / relays but that's about it.
  7. daveturnbull

    X-Eng Pedal Lock - Cam Lock

    I had another look at the construction last night, and it looks pretty easy to get the lock out (with access to the back) so when I get more time I'll take it apart and measure. Reason for asking here first - I thought somebody else might have already done it and knew the right part number.
  8. daveturnbull

    X-Eng Pedal Lock - Cam Lock

    I bought a built up but never fitted X-Eng pedal lock at Newbury Sortout for a very reasonable price, however the seller had lost the key. I know it's a Lowe and Fletcher cam lock, but there are approximately 53 zillion different options on their website. Does anyone happen to know which one it is that I need? (I'm looking to replace the whole lock, not just the key)
  9. daveturnbull

    ibex 300 build

    I do. Out of the house and into the workshop.
  10. daveturnbull

    ibex 300 build

    Wheel arch to mudflap extension bracket wotsits.
  11. daveturnbull

    New workshop project

    I made my own. I cheated a bit and used full sheets of WBP (marine ply) instead of individual boards to clad them, and built the internal frames with treated timber, all mortise and tenon joints. Nothing rocket science and didn't take too long to do.
  12. daveturnbull

    Newbury Sortout 7th April 2019

    I'll be there. Always seem to have a long list of bits to buy, despite my project being nearly finished.
  13. daveturnbull

    Eberspacher fan speed sensor?

    Slightly cheaper option
  14. daveturnbull

    Eberspacher fan speed sensor?

    Some very good reading for you.

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