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  1. Rotodama Rediscovery

    Simple, a vehicle for getting large loads of logs out of a (privately owned and carefully managed) forest.
  2. Rotodama Rediscovery

    Now that's a sensible idea. Lash together the non-fubared bits of an old discovery and an old builders pickup truck. I'm all for recycling old vehicles into something more usable, without throwing away and buying huge new chunks.
  3. Rotodama Rediscovery

    I've seen this floating about on a few social media platforms recently. It's basically a series 1 discovery with a new body. They say it will come in multiple formats: single cab, double cab, van and camper. I quite like the idea (I have a soft spot for forward controls), but I do think it could look better, especially from the front.
  4. ibex 300 build

    So when is test part 2 happening? Or do you need to wait for them to fix the emissions machine?
  5. ibex 300 build

    Fingers crossed for you Mike!
  6. Front prop

    I've had issues with prop phasing in the past, the general view was that the UJ's should be at 45 degrees to each other, so 2 teeth out sounds about right. It's normally fairly obvious under had acceleration if the prop is incorrectly phased.
  7. Monroe Damper Bushes

    I've measured a standard one, it's the same as yours Ian, 17mm thick. The ones I have badly trimmed to work with the monroe dampers are more like 12mm thick. I'm sure there must be something out there for another application that is the right size, it's just a case of figuring out what.
  8. Monroe Damper Bushes

    I have for now, but they're not pretty so not sure how long they will last. Only really a temporary solution. Thanks, I'll have to measure them later and let you know.
  9. Monroe Damper Bushes

    I picked up a pair of Monroe front dampers a while back (pin - pin type) new but without the bushes and washers. I've got a set of new standard bushes, but they appear to be a little too big, so with all the bushes and washers stacked up I can't get the nut on. Checking against an old LR damper, the pin in about 10-15mm shorter. I'm guessing they are usually supplied with special (slimmer) bushes, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Do any of you have Monroe dampers or any idea where I can get the special bushes from?
  10. Odd GKN overdrive behaviour

    gaskets and a smear of grease, especially if you will be taking it apart again soon and want to try and reuse them.
  11. True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Well I skipped through that in about 2 mins. Glad I spent the evening in the workshop making my rock sliders instead.
  12. BFG Mud Terrain tyres 255/85/r16

    Here you go: http://www.paddockspares.com/25585r16bfgmt2-255-85r16-bfg-mud-terrain-t-a-km2-tyre-only.html
  13. New Series - RR Heavy

    George, I was subscribed to your channel and used to get the notifications pop up on both my phone and desktop, then about ep.20 (give or take) they just stopped and I only stumbled on new episodes by chance, so I guess YouTube must have changed something. I've re-subscribed now as you explained in your last video. Anyway, your drop in views might well be YouTube's fault, not yours. PS: I enjoy seeing all the progress and time lapse stuff, keep it up.
  14. ibex 300 build

    Haven't you got enough to do already?
  15. ibex 300 build

    Sounds like you are nearly there now Mike. When you get this on the road you can play the "which car is going to break this week" game, and not have to worry too much about fixing it yesterday.

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