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  1. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Well I stuck the flushing oil in it today and left it to idle for about an hour whilst I did a few other jobs outside. That seemed to stay on the inside so I took it for the world's slowest Italian tune up (Bournemouth Friday afternoon traffic) over the euro car parts to get some more oil and a filter. Drained the flushing oil which was about as thick as water, cleaned the grit out of the sump threads (good sign?) and refilled with real oil. I'll wait for a cold morning, plenty of those coming up, and start it with a bucket underneath and see what happens.
  2. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    A LWB lightweight. I like that. Please build it so we can all drool.
  3. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    I've ordered some 20w flushing oil, so will sling that in when it arrives and see what happens. It was always regularly serviced by myself and I don't ever recall draining dirty looking oil out of it, so I'd be surprised if it is gunked up as opposed to a mechanical failure.
  4. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    I've phoned round a couple of local garages and they all seem to agree with the most likely cause being a stuck closed PRV. To fix that means a new oil pump, which on this engine is an over-the-crankshaft type. To fit requires taking pretty much the whole engine apart, so is likely to cost around £400 - £500 all in. It's not a job I'd be confident in doing myself, so would need to farm it out. Regardless, my wife has lost confidence in the car, so it has to go. It's fairly low miles for the age (60k) and apart from this issue in good shape. Do I... 1. Sell it as is, not sure what I'd get. 2. Get it fixed and sell it privately for £1500 3. Sling in some really thin oil, wait for a warm day and drive it to the local webuyanycar (they valued at £1100 on t'internet)
  5. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Well there is only one light on the dash for oil, but going by the fact it all fell out I'd say low pressure caused by nothing to pump. And yes, 5w30 used as specified.
  6. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Definitely not a double seal issue.
  7. So, very off topic, but you are a helpful and knowledgeable bunch. Here goes. My wife's car is a a Mk2 Focus 1.6 Petrol. On her way to work last wednesday the oil light came on. I told her to get some more oil and sling it in before coming home, which she duly did, then started the car only to find said oil immediately ejected all over to car park. She left the car there and got a lift home. Friday I got a friend with a trailer to recover it back to his workshop where he found the oil filter seal was split. New filter fitted, fresh oil and off we go again. But not for long. Saturday morning she was due to go to work again, started the car then went to defrost the windows, only to spot yet more oil running down the road. Later on that day, I dragged it up the drive and onto the ramps only to find that the seal on the oil filter had been pushed out at the top. Now this seal is a 10mm square rubber O ring. Not easily displaced through a 1mm gap between the filter and it's mounting. So clearly we have a problem of far too much oil pressure going on, and the filter seal is the weakest link, but why? My thoughts are either a blocked gallery somewhere, or possibly the pressure relief valve in the oil pump is stuck closed? But god knows where or how I would ever start diagnosing either of those is a mystery. For info, the engine (1.6 Duratec) still runs nicely and sounds as it should. No holed pistons or knocking big ends. Any words of wisdom appreciated.
  8. Goblin Works Garage

    Well some mug paid £26k for it post-butchery.... I hope they put it through an IVA for those chassis modifications.
  9. Superwinch Gaskets

    First Four seem to have a good selection of Superwinch parts, weirdly no parts category for the Talon series, probably still worth a call tho.
  10. ibex 300 build

    How is Mr H getting on with his Ibex 300 project?
  11. Defender steering shaft swap

    I'm pretty sure it's just the steering wheel end that is different.
  12. Front Windscreen Frame and heated screen idea

    The heated glass isn't massively expensive, probably not worth the excess, hassle & inevitable premium hike. The wiring kit to get it working adds quite a few quid to the price.
  13. Mantec down the swanny too...

    Shame, they made some nice stuff - one of the better quality ones out there, but like Rich says, quite pricey.
  14. Similar to a Defender, but made in Portugal?

    Those things get quite scary at 50mph. Carriages swinging about all over the place. Not that I know from personal experience, you understand
  15. New shiny bits

    Why not? We like rebuild threads, indulge us.....