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  1. That's only about 1h drive from you Ross. Just factor the cost of petrol to go get them into your bidding, that's what I do with eBay collections.
  2. I'm with mike. Adjust the fibreglass to fit properly. It will make it a proper job rather than a hack.
  3. Just found this on Ebay Interesting looking thing, I never knew about them until now.
  4. I've just taken a home-made version off my 300tdi, because the cable had snapped and I can't think I'll ever use it. It's a fairly basic bracket to terminate the cable outer and a small adapter to link the cable to the lever on the pump.
  5. Spend loads of hours in the gym to build up enough muscle to actually push a tonne of tools around the workshop.
  6. It does have a Land Rover sized engine oil leak... I'm actively ignoring that for now tho.
  7. Well I've finally finished putting the whole car back together and am pleased to report that nothing fell off or started making horrendous noises on my drive into work this morning.
  8. I once spent a day off roading at a pay & play with a friend in his SJ which only had one bolt holding the transfer case on. Quite how the lever didn't beat it's way though the tunnel (it was trying) or worse I'll never know.
  9. Thanks. Good to see you can use them to install studs too.
  10. Looks an interesting bit of kit, have you got a link for it? Thanks for the offer, but I've admitted defeat and put it back together now. The numerous attempts it made at falling off the jack were starting to get a little annoying.
  11. They call me Hoke Colburn Anyway, the chances of an open stretch of road in Bournemouth in the summer = nil. This car only has to last to 200k miles (another 9k) then it's allowed to die.
  12. I haven't got the stud removers unfortunately. I also tried heating the casing with a propane torch for quite some time, and tried both mole grips and stilsons on the bolt to shift it, but only succeeded in wrecking the threads. It's properly stuck in there, and the bit that is sticking out seems too soft to get any purchase on. In the end I took the executive decision that the other 7 bolts will have to step up and take on the job of holding the gearbox on between them. Life's too short to waste it on crappy bolts.
  13. Yep, no issues there. The last one in melty mode doesn't even look like a nut from the other side anymore. I was even starting on the bolt and working my way out to the nut.
  14. Not a job I really wanted to do in the first place, and managed to shear a bellhousing bolt getting it out. I tried 4 times to weld a nut to the end of it to get it out. Not one of them really took, even with the bolt end filed clean and the welder cranked up to super-melty. ^^ That's the inside bit that was briefly and lightly stuck to the bolt. For some reason it just didn't penetrate at all. I can only think the bolt must be made of some kind of unweldable steel alloy. It's 2006 volvo (ford) vintage so probably made from the cheapest cow poo they could get away with.
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