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  1. Road trip

    So what goodies are you returning with this time?
  2. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

    Oooooooh. FB108121L could be a winner.
  3. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

    Yes, this is the problem. @v8bertha that's a good call, I'll have to have a rummage on the bolt bench at my friend's workshop next time I'm there. Length wise I'm looking for 60 or 70mm.
  4. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

  5. As used to fix defender seats to the seatbox. Do they have a special name? I would like to get some longer ones so I can add a spacer to raise the seat a little but struggling to find them. The reason for not using regular M8's is the profile of the seat rails means very restricted room for the socket just as the bolt is getting tight. I know I could use cap heads etc, but would like to keep a hex for future ease.
  6. Stub axle intermediate oil seal which way round ?

    Thanks Mike, top tip there. I'd never really thought about it before, but that does seem to be the case. I did find a video on youtube that showed the seal this way round, but just because somebody else has done it doesn't mean it's right!
  7. Stub axle intermediate oil seal which way round ?

    Did you figure this out in the end? I've got the same seal to do on the rear and can't remember which way the old one before I took it out.
  8. Stub axle oil seal

    Not on the rear axle there isn't.
  9. Stub axle oil seal

    I think you might be right there James. It is the little one that goes inside the stub axle to stop the EP90 creeping into the wheel bearings that I need. Linky It certainly seems to be about the right size, where as FTC4785 looks a lot bigger.
  10. Stub axle oil seal

    Thank you both.
  11. Stub axle oil seal

    I'm looking for the right part number for a Defender 110 rear axle stub axle inner oil seal. It's 2002 with the Rover type axle. My usual parts sites have a few different ones and seem quite vague.
  12. Guess the switch/vehicle

    I think they were also on 200 series discos too.
  13. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    That's all come together fairly quickly. You make it look easy. Without being too nosy, I'm curious as to roughly how much as DIY rebuild like this has cost, and how many hours you have invested in it.
  14. Parts rant!!!

    Just use the eBay case resolution system, saying you didn't get what you ordered. It gives the sellers a kick up the bum as they need to respond properly or risk eBay lowering their seller status. It also gives you the chance to leave non-positive feedback too. And if these carp sellers are blocking you, well that just stops you making the same mistake twice.
  15. Tyre changing the manual way

    Tubeless for comps like Steve does are utterly useless. Fast corners the bead gets pushed away from the rim, carp gets in then a few corners later you have a flat, which with the rough ground then falls off the rim and you are left with a scrap tyre and scrap rim. Oh, and Steve, you could have straightened out the dent in the rim with the club hammer first!