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  1. daveturnbull

    109 V8 chassis options?

    1. You can weld so bolt together isn't an absolute requirement. 2. Cost is a factor, so a cheap donor is appealing. In which case the left field option gets my vote (probably because I like a nice hybrid) but maybe try and find an LSE classic with a rotten body instead of the P38. Less electrickery, more conventional straight chassis rails so outriggers etc can be bought off the shelf.
  2. daveturnbull

    Heater........V irritating

    A slight quirk of these is that the 12v live always goes straight to the motor, its the earth that is switched and passes through the resistor.
  3. If you haven't got a seal puller (I assume not) the drill a small pilot hole in it, insert a self tapper, Clamp mole grips on the screw and pry bar on the mole grips to lever it out. That's worked for me before.
  4. daveturnbull

    OT - Car EGR Valves

    Well the new valve turned up this afternoon, so I've got it fitted and had a quick run round the block. All seems well but I'll have to wait for a cold(ish) morning to see if it has fixed the rough idle issue.
  5. daveturnbull

    OT - Car EGR Valves

    I did a bit of reading about this before attempting the job, as you do, and this seemed to be the general consensus, however I must admit I found it quite easy. Must be all those hours spent working on badly designed fiddly rusted solid Land Rover bits. I've also removed and cleaned the Valve to manifold pipe and the throttle body. I had the manifold off a while back to do the gasket and scraped a good amount of gunk out of there too. New valve is on order, due to be delivered Thursday so with any luck I should be driving it again Friday. The next job on this one, which I am not looking forward to, is changing the fuel filter head. I get the occasional air bubble entering in the line at this point which causes a very slight miss occasionally at idle. It not so much a problem, just annoying.
  6. daveturnbull

    Handbrake lever TD5 vs 300tdi

    On the TD5 type the bracket is effectively built into the handbrake mounting plate. The earlier hand brake levers don't have the cable guide on them.
  7. daveturnbull

    OT - Car EGR Valves

    They seem to range from £60 for an unbranded one up to about £300 for a genuine one. I've managed to find a Delphi branded one (same as the current one) for £100 so that seemed the sensible choice. Annoying really as I can see exactly what the problem is, but you can't get just those bits new, only a complete assembly. They are probably the cheapest bits of the whole thing too.
  8. daveturnbull

    OT - Car EGR Valves

    Another off topic thread from me, but I figure most engines work the same so.... For a while now my Volvo 2.0d (d4204t engine) has, on a mildly cold day, had a really rough idle until the engine is properly warm. Not just coolant warm, but block warm. A bit of research suggested that this might be due to the EGR valve being stuck open. It's done 185k miles now so no big surprise if some components are less than fresh. I parked it in the workshop and started pulling bits off, expecting to find the EGR full of gunk. It wasn't, just a little soot, and nothing that would cause restricted movement. I cleaned up all of the soot and had a closer look at how it all worked. On the end of the solenoid there is an armature with a wheel that rolls up and down a slot, operating the valve. In the slot the wheel runs, a tiny tiny ridge has worn, meaning that if you release the tension on the spring slowly, it sticks just before the valve is fully closed. At the 'valve open' end of the slot, the guide pin that holds the wheel also rubs a little on the arm as it twists, again I suspect due to wear. Fully closed position. Where it sticks a little before fully closed. I'm guessing that the movement should be super smooth, so I've ordered a new valve in the hope it fixes the issue. I know little about EGR valves, don't have one on the Land Rover, so am I correct is thinking... Cold engine = EGR closed, warm engine = EGR open That tiny little gap is enough to cause the engine to run a lumpy as my wife's gravy Blanking them off on a modern engine is less than ideal
  9. daveturnbull

    custom dash project

    Ebay linky I binned the metal cage bit, took the old LR one out of the snail housing and grafted this one in with a thick plastic surround and some PU adhesive.
  10. daveturnbull

    custom dash project

    I've done a 3 speed conversion on a spare heater box, but yet to fit it to the car and write about it. Resistor pack was the cheapest one I could find on ebay, from a transit I think, and the switch comes from a metro.
  11. daveturnbull

    custom dash project

    Following with interest. I like a nice custom dash.
  12. daveturnbull

    Smith’s gauge refurb

    In construction that looks a bit like the TD5 speeds I've recently prized apart. It is a right PITA, but possible. My method was to get some small nose pliers in to try and straighten out the rolled edge at the back, then shortly before losing the will to live, get a little bit brutal and prize it off with a screwdriver.
  13. One of my favourite builds. When are you going to extend the sills to meet the front arches?
  14. daveturnbull

    Patching up body work holes

    I've done a load of similar holes in my tub. I cut patches from a scrap panel and bonded them on behind with PU adhesive. For the larger ones I also cut a filler piece to go in the hole. When the adhesive had dried just a quick splodge of body filler and a rub down.
  15. daveturnbull

    ibex 300 build

    Blimey, that too a while! Bet you can't wait to get out in it.

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