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  1. daveturnbull

    90 overlander

    You'll need to swap the gearbox input shaft and bellhousing too.
  2. daveturnbull

    90 overlander

    You don't say what engine you currently have, but 1990 I would assume is a 200TDi, in which case that gearbox isn't going to fit. Only if you have done a TD5 conversion will it be any use to you, and even then you'll have to change the top housing for a defender one and get an adapter kit from synchro / ashcroft.
  3. On my 300tdi... Idle - 200 Motorway cruising - 400 Giving it beans up a hill - 600
  4. daveturnbull

    Forum relay Oxford ish to Southampton ish

    I can possibly offer Wantage to Lyndhurst on 22nd Dec. They would need to be dropped off and picked up from those locations tho as it's not me doing the travelling. Drop off could be anytime before 22nd, pick up would need to be at about 4pm on 22nd, or after that but from Bournemouth.
  5. daveturnbull

    Squidgy foam tape stuff

    Duck tape and RTV is a good alternative.
  6. daveturnbull

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Ah that explains it. Good luck with the MOT today.
  7. daveturnbull

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Looking smart. One question - why do you have 2 glow plug relays?
  8. daveturnbull

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Fair enough, it is quite a big job to tackle for a first project. At least you have done the tedious time consuming bit already. It shouldn't take a pro long to get that fully welded in.
  9. daveturnbull

    Euro Car Parts

    If you turn up in some oily overalls and ask nicely they will give you better over the counter prices than you get on the website anyway. Not that long ago I got an oil filter for £2 and a gallon of oil for £15. The online offer price would have been about another £10 on top.
  10. daveturnbull

    What engine do I have?

    Yep, 12J, or "naturally exasperated" as I like to call them.
  11. daveturnbull

    Master / auxiliary fuse box

    Pretty much. There looks to be a good selection in there for other high power accessories too.
  12. daveturnbull

    Rebuilt Defender value

    More importantly, where's your build thread?! I'd like to see the custom dash especially. What has it cost you to build - that's where I would start. Hard to say, but probably sounds like about £7k - £10k market value.
  13. daveturnbull

    Master / auxiliary fuse box

    I've been looking round at these recently as part of my re-wire project, and a desire to make everything fused, as we all know the main loom power on an early defender is un-fused. I stumbled upon this from a VW Sharan / Galaxy. ebay Link A veritable bargain for only £15 delivered (use best offer) compared to the aftermarket options once you start adding in mega fuses etc.. Just thought I would share.
  14. daveturnbull

    ibex 300 build

    Real men don't use diff locks until they have been stuck temporarily stationary for at least half an hour and have buried no less that 3 wheels completely in the ground.
  15. daveturnbull

    reversing alarm

    You can get reverse light bulbs that also beep. Can't get much simpler to fit than that.

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