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  1. daveturnbull

    Range rover brake lines

    Probably not. You need Automec. Fittings are here, pick your thread: https://www.automec.co.uk/collections/brass-fittings/brass-inline-connectors Locknuts here: https://www.automec.co.uk/collections/brass-fittings/brass-locknuts
  2. daveturnbull

    Total Parts out of business?

    That would be a real shame. They were always very helpful and friendly.
  3. daveturnbull

    Open/clean/rebuild Ashcroft ATB: experiences?

    I agree. Those splines do look well past their best. Nothing to lose by opening it up and seeing just how bad (or hopefully not) the rest of it is.
  4. daveturnbull

    X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

    Ah, nevermind then. I thought it was in MR16 format ready to drop in.
  5. daveturnbull

    X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

    Do let us know how you get on, and where you bought it from.
  6. daveturnbull

    X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

    Holy thread revival etc... etc... @Chicken Drumstick did you ever make any progress with attempt 2? I found these on ebay which claim 15w / 620-700 lumens. Wondered if they might be any good?
  7. There's one of those that lives near me. I met the owner by accident once when I went to buy a transfer box from him. Had a tour of his garage which included a General Lee replica too. It's quite a beast, has a set of 4 hydraulic rams fitted to allow it to 'fly'. Article link. Pretty sure there's a few videos of it on youtube too.
  8. daveturnbull

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    You're not going to line the screw heads up then...
  9. daveturnbull

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    Ooh look here
  10. daveturnbull

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    Wasn't that a fugly nissan? I think you mean the Esarco 8×8
  11. daveturnbull

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Loving this! It can't be too far off road worthy now.
  12. Do any other Newbury Sortout regulars think they recognise some of those faces from one of the stalls in recent years?
  13. daveturnbull

    The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    My dad's first land rover was EUD 947 - they're almost family. Be wary of JB 4x4 tho.... https://serieslandroverreview.co.uk/
  14. daveturnbull

    P38a (re)build

    But if you do that, are the gears not cut in such a way that they are stronger in one direction that the other; like a CW&P in a diff?

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