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  1. Rotating the turbo and fitting a straight shaft (without the collapsible joint) is one solution. It's tight, but it works.
  2. I snapped a couple of pics of it at Newbury. Also saw this one, in a more regular length.
  3. Autosparks seem to get hold of them to build their new looms, so they must be available somewhere. I've yet to find them tho.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254378388005 Now this is interesting. Look closely, it's a light-wide-long-weight.
  5. Very smart. You'll be glad you took the effort to radius the bottom edge of those the first time you smack you knee on it!
  6. Just how heavy duty is it tho? Land Rover on a trolley jack rolled across it heavy duty? With a pry bar under the jack to move it sideways a bit heavy duty?
  7. Nice project. I'd love one. Awesome little machines.
  8. They can't be that complicated. I would imagine that you of all people would be quite at home opening up something with mud, oil and gears inside it. If you're lucky there might even be a shard of metal to stick in your finger, in typical HFH form.
  9. Check the pivot too. Quite often they wear through the arm as the wear on the pivot has made a sharp lip around the edge.
  10. That's only about 1h drive from you Ross. Just factor the cost of petrol to go get them into your bidding, that's what I do with eBay collections.
  11. I'm with mike. Adjust the fibreglass to fit properly. It will make it a proper job rather than a hack.
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