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the camel crease - variation on a theme...


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I've seen some tidy camel cuts before, but have always thought that the sane result could be achieved by folding the rear wing round and leaving a more 'factory' finish. Not by me, you understand, I'm a pioneer, not a craftsman! So equipped with inadequate tools and a hang over, I set too it...

First I cut up the corner of the original cold with a jigsaw. The hacksaw was blunt and taking too long.

Next I took an adjustable spanner, gripped the edge rear of the cut and twisted it in a bit. I repeated this at intervals up to the top of the cut. I forgot to take pictures of this bit. I was having so much fun.

I held a good solid piece of steel into the back of the corner I had created and gently pounded it into a contour to match the original wing. I started with rubber hammer and finished with a claw hammer. Cos I'm impatient. And rough.

I pinned the 2 pieces with a tech screw and then applied seam sealant to smooth out the join. I'll tidy this up at tomorrow once this lot had set.

As the rest of the wing was corroded. I trimmed and put a length of ally on to strengthen it. Couldn't find my rivets, so the tech screw's reared their ugly head. Again.

Overall, I'm quite pleased. It still needs tidying, but as far as quick rough jobs go, this isn't my worst ever!

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