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300tdi defender engine lumpy while ticking over

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300tdi Defender engine

Rebuilt engine and was running good, however it started to run a bit lumpy today while ticking over today, you would think it was running on 3 cylinders give it a few revs and its ok but when ticking over again lumpy it has only just started to do this

Only about 2000miles on the engine, new injectors, new bosch reconditioned FIP, new lift pump, new timing belt all set up as per timing instructions

Last night I checked
Checked the injector’s by slacking the nut one by one on each cylinder no problems
Opened the fuel filter bleed of with engine running lift pump working
Opened the rocker cover and checked the tappets and made sure the adjusting screws on the tappets had not broken.

Want to check the gauze filter on the lift pump????

What else can I look for?

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Strange really. I was going to suggest taking your FIP for a service but you have done so very recently. I took mine last week and the difference was huge. Diesel specialist told me that he found some broken springs and they would have contributed to a rough idle.

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ok update

checked everything, adjusted nothing changed nothing and now running sweet, go figure only a landrover can do this

only thing I can think off I had the diesel tank out a few days ago and maybe a bit of dirt got sucked into the fuel system

ah well cost me nothing to fix 1st time ever

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