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How Do I Keep The Oil In A Td5?

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Hi All,

I've just noticed that the rocker cover gasget is seeping at the firewall end,

I guess this is the result of me replacing the injector harness in a

misguided attempt to stop the oil escaping through the ECU.

Is there any recommended gasget sealer or any knack to sealing around

the semicircular piece at the firewall end?

thanks guys,


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Like you I changed my injector loom (problem solved BTW!) and had a bit of fun fitting the new gasket (you did use a new one didn't you?). Basically the trick is to get the little "half moon" bit of the gasket seated properly in its place. I managed this without sealant but it it plays hard to get a bit of Blue Hylomar just to hold it where it needs to be would be OK.

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