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TD4 Clutch pedal travel


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HI there,

I have just bought an 04 reg TD4 and the clutch pedal travel is causing me concern. You press the pedal down and about 60% of the travel is easy and doesn't take up the clutch, the last 40% is quite heavy and actuates the clutch. I tried several Freelanders before this one, similar age etc, and they all seemed similar. Is this normal? It is a bit of a pain at lights or in traffic because it feels so heavy.

Thanks in advance.

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Probably the Concentric slave cylinder is on it's way out. On the TD4 there is a bleed nipple for the clutch, try bleeding it. It may help for a few days, then return to the way it was. Then try the master cylinder as it's quick and easy to change. If that doesn't fix it, then I'm afraid it's a new clutch and concentris slave, which aint cheap on labour :(

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