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110V8 choke cable

Les Henson

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The hardest part of this is getting the cable through the dash and into the engine bay, but as usual, there's a trick :)

Choke cable is attached to the passeneger side carb. The condition of the inner cable means it's been fitted badly at some time.


To improve access, remove the cast alloy inlet elbow. It's retained by a jubilee clip (7mm socket), and then pops off the carb throat.


The inner cable is retained by a threaded tube and pinch bolt. Hold the inner tube with an 8mm spanner, and then slacken the outer pinch bolt with a 7mm spanner.


There's a tiny little clip that stops the outer sleeve of the cable from coming out of the carb body.


The clip


The cable passes through the bulkhead directly behind the clocks.


The steering column lower shroud needs moving out of the way. To remove it completely, you need to remove the steering wheel as there's a lip in the two pieces of the shroud that sit in the back of a recess in the back of the wheel. With all the screws removed, the bottom of the shroud drops down easily far enough to replace the choke cable.

Loads of screws (7 altogether)




The choke cable actually snapped on this vehicle - the grey hole to the right of the picture is where it's supposed to be.


Once the bottom of the shroud is out of the way - the metal bracket for the cable is also loose.


If you just pull the old cable out through the dashboard - you'll have to remove the clocks in order to thread the new one through. Pull the old cable partway through, until the steel cable stop sleeve is inside the vehicle. Cut through the outer cable, pull the inner cable out, so that a short length of the old outer sleeve is still through the bulkhead.


Carefully push the new cable inside the old sleeve:-


New cable inside the old:-


Wrap with tape, and then a thin film of grease over the taped area. You only get one go at this. From inside the engine bay, pull the old cable through the bulkhead, and if all works ok, the new cable will stay attached and come through with it.


Route the cable in a gentle curve across the top of the engine, retain the outer sleeve with the small clip, make sure the choke knob is pushed right in, thread the inner cable through the pin, and tighten the pinch bolt. The bolt will distort the cable inside the pin, so the bolt needn't be too tight.

Either trim the excess inner cable or at least make sure it doen't catch on anything during it's operation.


Finally - the inlet pipe is held in place by an O-ring. Put a thin layer of grease over it and the pipe will clip into place more easily.


Re-fit the steering column shroud, and test the operation of the cable to make sure it opens and closes the choke ok.

Les. :)

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