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110 soft top truck cab with seatbelt bar.

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Hello Fellow Landrovites.

I am looking at options to convert my 110 Hard top to a "truck cab soft top"

in essence a pick up with a soft top that doesn't interfere with the load bed and no bars or frames over the load bed.

I have found one company, allwheeltrim, that does the whole lot but it is not cheap.... cough....sputter.... trying to breathe... but their stuff does look top notch.

anybody got something like this lying around? or can anybody make a suggestion who else out there makes this sort of thing?



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There are other things you will also need to consider bodumatau, though where you are in the world they might not be as light fingered as they are in the UK.

I've converted my truck into a softtop. Here are some of the lessons I learned.


You lose completely what little security you have for the contents of the truck. I resolved security for my belongings by having a lockable cubby box up front and mobilstoragesystems chest and drawer unit in the back. http://www.mobilestoragesystems.net/land-rover-storage-store.html

This doesn't help with the bigger stuff you might want to put in the back - or even the weekly shopping. For this I installed a Tonneau - which I didn't really want to do but had no choice when I went on a trip in the Landy and realised all our bags and belongings would be out in the elements.

I also have waterproof bags now too.

And don't forget your truck itself is now an easier target as the softtop will almost certainly have a rollup rear window which you can't secure.

I put extra security for the truck itself - Simmonites handbrake lock, hidden isolator switch and steering lock.

Then there is the small matter of rollover protection. Resolved in part by replacing the double hoop of the softtop kit with a beefed up version. The military version of the hoops is also beefed up and cross braced if I recall correctly, but there are more hens teeth in the world than these.

However, a lot of off road events demand either a proper roof or a cage.

Having said all that, and although its cost me a small fortune to resolve the issues, I would never go back to having a van again.

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I've just popped out to the truck.

The rollover protection bar I have is from here


Though there are no pictures of the one I have specifically it is a direct replacement for the two hoops and joining section you will need for the truck cab canvas and has the benefit of a seatbelt bracket so you can still use your reel seatbelts.

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hey Ian, thanks for the comments, I fully agree that there will be several things I need to change (where do I put my toolbox!!!, as we all know leaving home in a landy without a toolbox is a scary thought), but this landy is a pure toy for me.

I am in the south of germany and people don't lock their cars on the street at night so things are pretty safe. so not too worried about that.

could you take some closer up pics of your setup? how it looks inside? where you beefed up your double hoop? how the top fits to the back of the cab.?



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Hi Heiko,

I found a photo which might be interesting to you here http://www.ruggedguide.com/options.html#23

In this picture you can see the size of the standard hoop - body coloured.

You usually have 2 of these to extend the truck cab over the bulkhead but the rear one has been removed to make way for the cage.

The hoop set I have replaced the smaller Land Rover hoops with a pair of about the same thickness as the cage.

Imagine a pair of hoops the same as the front hoop on the cage, which are joined at the footplate and joined where the small tab is at the bend of the hoop and you pretty much get what I have.

You can also see why you need a seatbelt bracket in this picture too.

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