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109 Series fuel tanks

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Looking for a new tank for my 109 SIII. My current tank has sprung a leak by the looks of it.

Now before you says why don't I just fix it, I will, but there's more to it than that! I have 2 109's, one of which is in bits and my project. That came with a narrow tank, perhaps for use with a rear PTO? I want a full width tank like my other 109 has. So the thinking was I need a new tank anyway, so get one, give it a damn good treating, then put it in the current 109, then repair that tank ready for the project.

So looking at the parts book, there are clearly two types of tank with regards to the sender unit, perhaps an in-tank pump? I have the 6 screw flange for the same sender as my 88 has.

So this narrows it down to P/N

NRC5830/5829 Petrol/Diesel - don't know what the difference is

NRC5830 - 2.6 Petrol to Suffix B, yet the front mounting is drawn completely different to the same P/N in the picture for above

neither shows any option for capacity

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Further searching this morning brings up no more joy. £140 for a britpart tank plus an additional minimum £25 to change sender type, for which I'll need to carry a different spare to the 88.....Think I'll build my own...maybe there's even a market....

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