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  1. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    I had a front prop custom made, can't remember the length but I can go and measure it. Skinny one
  2. Found a new game - MOT history checking...

    That's interesting....apparently my 200 is 62BHP!
  3. Discovery Seats in Defender

    I've got Disco 1 seats in the front of my 109, jacked up at the rear, but tbh I'm finding them too high and uncomfortable for driving any distance. My plan is to pull out the seatbox altogether and make it flat-floored like any normal car then I can build new custom frames to hold the seats in a much better psoition. Current project I'm just starting is to fit the second row seats in. This is going to entail some modification of wheel boxes and custom frames, will create a project thread for it in due course.
  4. Home built half shafts

    Started watching it but got bored....does he actually do anything or show any bits or just he just sit there droning rubbish in to the camera?
  5. Getting ready to rebuild my 88 on to it's new chassis, I've decided I'm going to drill the chassis and tube it where the LT77/LT230 mounts would bolt on before it goes for galvanising. When I build it up I might still just stick with using my custom mounts on the Series cross-member when I build it up, but it'll be a lot better to put the mount holes in now than decide to try and do it later! I'll drop the spare engine in and bolt the transmission up to get the length right from the engine mount, but to get the height, how does the transmission lie in a Defender chassis? I need to get the level right so I can mark through the mounts. I seem to recall in the vague mists of time that with the chassis level the transmission is also level, and the drive flange/hand brake disc would be vertical. Cheers
  6. 200tdi lift pump

    My last one split around the middle and was spraying diesel everywhere, non serviceable. Around 10 months old that was. Luckily I had two days previous just finished putting the engine back together on The 109 so I was able to go and drag the 88 back in...not the sort of thing I wanted to be doing so soon after rebuild with no proving at all!
  7. Nope, just left it alone. Get me almost to 40mpg on our long holiday drives, I'm not going to worry about it at that
  8. 200tdi lift pump

    Wish I'd fitted my electric pump years ago....would have saved a lot of faffing around
  9. I haven't clocked mine, but I do run straight from the turbo outlet to the manifold inlet, no intercooler. It's been that way best part of 10 years, and I can't say it's ever made any difference or done it any harm at any rate. That returns almost 40mpg on a run, so I'm not arguing. Fitting the intercooler probably would give me a touch more, but nearly 40 is still nearly 40
  10. series 3 front brake upgrade

    Never ever hit two hammers together!!!
  11. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    I am modifying my chassis by fitting a Stage 1 V8 crossmember here instead. It's removable, but it's also further back, in line with the bulkhead outriggers
  12. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    The worlds shakiest video! Edit:yeah I can't see them...I'll have to edit it some time
  13. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    I bet all the photo's of mine have vanished thanks to photosuckit....
  14. Standard propshaft UJ max operating angle?

    Stage 1 V8 has a cardan joint shaft I think
  15. Stage 1 V8 crossmember

    Calling all stage 1 owners! Would someone be kind enough to take a few measurements for me? After a long debate with Richards they still can't deliver me the parts I asked for so I'm resorting to making the chassis mods myself from scratch. I need to know if the Stage 1 bulkhead outriggers are the same width as any other Series 3 - I think they are just normal 109 outriggers. Also, if someone could make a drawing of the brackets that are welded to the chassis to support the cross-member. This is the Stage 1 V8 equivalent of the flywheel housing cross-member on a normal 88/109 Series 2/2a/3 chassis Cheers