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  1. series 3 front brake upgrade

    Never ever hit two hammers together!!!
  2. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    I am modifying my chassis by fitting a Stage 1 V8 crossmember here instead. It's removable, but it's also further back, in line with the bulkhead outriggers
  3. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    The worlds shakiest video! Edit:yeah I can't see them...I'll have to edit it some time
  4. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    I bet all the photo's of mine have vanished thanks to photosuckit....
  5. Standard propshaft UJ max operating angle?

    Stage 1 V8 has a cardan joint shaft I think
  6. Stage 1 V8 crossmember

    Calling all stage 1 owners! Would someone be kind enough to take a few measurements for me? After a long debate with Richards they still can't deliver me the parts I asked for so I'm resorting to making the chassis mods myself from scratch. I need to know if the Stage 1 bulkhead outriggers are the same width as any other Series 3 - I think they are just normal 109 outriggers. Also, if someone could make a drawing of the brackets that are welded to the chassis to support the cross-member. This is the Stage 1 V8 equivalent of the flywheel housing cross-member on a normal 88/109 Series 2/2a/3 chassis Cheers
  7. Body mount rubber pads

    That depends. I'm fitting Disco 1 seats, so there is no standard frame that will fit. Consequently whatever frame is employed will be custom made to suit, and can therefore be designed to incorporate features as required. Personal preference would be diagonal belts for the outers and lap for the middle on grounds of simplicity sake, a diagonal middle would be nice, but for a little used seat the top anchor might be problematic.
  8. Body mount rubber pads

    They are under every crossmember, but there's nothing provided on the rear crossmember or the front tabs, that's what got me thinking. It's a case of whether I add a pad in the restraints or not. I need to look up what a 109/110 seatbelt setup normally looks like, although it won't be appropriate for my seating.
  9. Body mount rubber pads

    What is the purpose of the rubber pads between body and chassis? Reason I'm asking, I need to beef up my load restraints and I'm planning to weld mount brackets to the chassis and tie the load restraints down to them, but without knowing the exact purpose of the rubber pads, being careful not to undo whatever it is they're doing! I'm also about to fit disco second row seats in The 109 and plan to fit seatbelts too, so same issue
  10. Rear window wiper

    I've got a very very similar motor to that, but no switch though, never have got to the bottom of exactly what it is
  11. Calling all 109 owners!

    I never wish my 109 was a 110, ever. I don't offroad mine, I use the 88 for that, but I have been around many 109's and the PO of mine used to take it laning - it actually snapped it's timing belt on Devils Staircase, had to be rescued by a 90 pulling and a 110 pushing! I've upgraded to a TDi and have fitted power steering, and an LT77, so it's much nicer to drive than it used to be, however a decent rebuild would have took care of the gearbox...the steering I rebuilt 3 times before giving up on it. I had a friends in for rebuild for a while and the steering on that was beautifully light, mine I could never get nice
  12. Standard propshaft UJ max operating angle?

    Out of interest, do some vehicle not use CV type joints? Would they fare better in a near straight configuration? I suspect they would suffer from offroading though
  13. 6 speed TDi

    For a cool £1000 I think I'd rather just fit an overdrive
  14. Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    That is soooo tempting....
  15. Chassis change - bulkhead don't fit

    Richards have been using 1505mm as the centres for the outrigger bolts for a very long time. The problem would seem to be with your bulkhead