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Top of LT77 gearbox slight leak - source?

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I've noticed a slight weep of ATF down the side of the gearbox which I thought was coming from the filler/level plug on the side but closer inspection yesterday showed it may be coming from higher up and the reverse plunger thingy had a few shiny red patches on it.


That's item 13 in the diagram above.

I disconnected the gear/transfer box breathers late last night, which were both renewed 18 months ago, and puffed through from the engine bay and they seem ok, although the gearbox one was slightly less easy to puff than the other but still clear enough.

Are there any known culprits for a slight weep high up on the gearbox that I should look at? Might it be 26 - the "Joint - washer housing to extension case" FRC4489. But as its well up from the fill level I'm assuming the breather restriction might be the cause, even though its very slight? Are gearboxes that sensitive to breathing difficulties?

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