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200tdi Range Rover not starting


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Hi guys

New to the forum and new to Range Rover Ownership .

I have recently bought a K Reg 2500tdi .

It had a problem when I first had it that it would smoke heavily when starting from cold and the revs would not rise over 800rpm for a few minuites .

Then there would be a pop from the engine and it would clear and be fine .

Then the other day it kept running after I had removed the key .

Now it won't start at all

A lot of people are advising that it could be either the stop solenoid on the injector pump , or the actual pump itself . Someone advised that if the solenoid is getting blocked its probably bits of metal from the pump braking up thats blocking it .

My question is how easy is it to change the solenoid, bearing in mind that my spanner skills are pretty limited .

Any help on how to do it or advice on what it might be would be greatfully recieved


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Could be a lot of things.

First check would be to crack off an injector union (metal pipe coming out of the injection pump), spin the engine over with your foot on the floor and check for fuel.

That should verify that there is no fuel going to engine, therefore no starting!

Next, pull out the stop solenoid (single electrical connection, back of the injection pump), remove the plunger and refit. Check again for fuel. If still none...there is another problem...could be fuel supply, or injection pump.

Check the injection pump is getting fuel....undo the return to tank line (the fuel line that doesnt go to the fuel filter) and prime the system by wiggling the lever on the bottom of the fuel lift pump (left hand side, down the back near the drivers feet, attached to the block). If no fuel is coming out of the injection pump return, then you have a problem with the fuel supply. (If there is, your injection pump is bu**ered). Check filter/lift pump. Might even be worth rigging up a jury rigged fuel tank (jam jar, couple of bits of hose) in the engine bay to make sure the ip is getting fuel and try again.

I very much doubt it is the injection pump. Stop solenoid or fuel supply most likely. In my experience, lift pumps give up at about 150k miles.

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Excellent, thanks for the advice I think with my limited knowledge I can probably do that .

I know for a fact that the injectors aren't getting any diesel as the man from the AA told me that . In fact he also said that the lift pump didn't seem to be doing anything but then again to be honest i'm not sure how clued up on diesels he was

It has done 128k I'm in Herts

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Right .

Someone had a look at it for me on Saturday and confirmed that it looked like the lift pump wasn't working . So I bought a new one on sat and fitted it yesterday AND ......... still nothing :( there does now appear to be diesel getting to the injector pump I think . Certainly if I loosen the breather screw on the fuel filter and pump the lift pump after a while some diesel does leak out .

Also if i disconnect the feed pipe to the injector pump and then pump the lift pump after a while some diesel will start to drip through , although this does seem to be a bit varied , sometimes it comes through sometimes it doesn't

Had a look at the solenoid on the back of the ip , mine has got what i can only describe as what looks like chewing gum all round the connection so i couldn't get it out easily . There is a bullet connector in between the connection from the pump and the engine .

So i'm sort of guessing now its the Injector Pump as it does look like fuel is now getting up

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