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Japanese Disco Trottle Problems


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I have a 1995 'M' 300tdi Auto Discovery that was repatriated from Japan a couple of years ago. Its been running fine up untill last weekend. Last Sunday the brake pedal switch broke and I was unable to get the thing out of park. (and the brake lights were not working!)

Japanese discos seem to have loads of extras that stop the key being removed unless in park and stop it being taken out of park unless the key is in and the brake pedal is pressed...

Once the pedal switch was sorted I had throttle problems which were beyond me and had to go to the garage. The garage have had some problems doing diagnosis, for instance the Rovacom connector, they tell me, is not the same as the one fitted to Japanese Discoverys. I think the garage bodged it in the end.

Anyway they diagnosed the problem as the throttle potentiometer and fitted another one (sharp intake of breath - LR quote £600 Bosch one for £200). But they still reported some problems. The garage say that they were unable to rev the engine when the brake pedal was pressed.

However when I picked it up it seemed to be OK, no problems revving whilst the brake is pressed in any gear....???

Does the revving problem sound familier to anyone?

Does anyone know what the top switch on the brake pedal is for?

The lower one is for the brake lights and in this case auto box. I believe that the top one is for the cruise control, but my disco does not have cruise control! The garage have speculated that it could be for emission control or some other strange additional Japanese system.

Anyway its been removed, pending a new replacement from Land Rover coming, and the thing seems to run OK.

Finally, my ABS light now flashes when the engine starts. The garage say that this is because all faults have been cleared but it is strange that it happens on such an old Disco (mines a 1995 M one). Could it be that my ECU has been upgraded by connecting it to the diagnostic machine? Would the Japanese disco have had a different version of the software?

Any thoughts would be appreciated



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