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  1. Mine went like that and was due to water getting in the rear via that stupid rubber breather set up, utter **** ides on an off road vehicle! Luckily mine freed off and greased up been fine since.
  2. Sure i saw a 150 or 175 amp one listed on e bay recently new for less than a hundred quid. Lynall
  3. No worries it gave me some pointers and thats much appreciated. Lynall
  4. Slight problem with the legend for the above linked wiring diagrams, its the wrong one. Correct one here http://www.landroverweb.com/Pdf-files/Manuals/Defender-90-110-workshop-manual-5.pdf you have to scroll right down to the bottom of section 86 page 73 Was scratching my already bald head trying to work out what was what, then i saw several wires going to item 35 and legend said it was the low fuel light, then my brain clonked into gear. Lynall
  5. John thats a great help thanks, after posting yesterday i did find the online manuals, but section 86 wiring diagrams is really poor and i couldnt make out what was what. Your pics much clearer. thanks Lynall
  6. Been having a few problems with my 90 after i sunk it a few weeks ago, all my own fault as i forgot to fit the timing case and flywheel housing bungs! Anyway starter has been playing up, so guessed it was full of mud, removed it tonight and yes its shagged, proper shagged, rust and mud everywhere, so dropped in my spare, ign on and interior and dash lights dull, so wander to passenger side to check battery connections etc, then from somewhere i heard a loud fizzle and everything came back on nice and bright, started fine and has been fine on the way home But i cant find a decent wiring diagram for the 200. I checked all the relays but none appear to be for main power so again im guessing its hasnt got one and the whole load comes through the ign switch, is this correct and if so i shall buy a new one. Should add its got all recent new earth leads, two from battery one to chassis and other direct to starter mounting bolt, all checked and all nice and clean Ta Lynall
  7. Iirc on the disco with air con the coolant temp had to be 110 deg c before the a/c fans switch on automatically to help out, this was on a 300 auto i owned and im sure td5 is the same. In my series2 i have a cappiliary gauge from a a mini fitted cost about 20 quid new from e bay. Lynall
  8. Why not leave the cyclone unit in place and add this as an extra catch tank? Got to be easier just need some pipe. Lynall
  9. lynall


    That little puff of exhaust soot will probably be what is making the squeal we often get this on the trucks i work on and it either stops as the engine gets warm or gets worse. If you leave it the gasket will blow out, seen this several times. Lynall
  10. I bet it will cost you more for a recore than a new unit from e bay. Lynall
  11. lynall


    Is it making the noise when ticking over or under load?, if under load its an air leak from the pressure side and you probably have something loose or misaligned. Lynall
  12. Have a look on e bay seems same rad in disco and def going by the part numbers BTP1823S. I certain the original 200 rad is all metal construction but some of the ones for sale seem to have plastic ends tanks, so maybe been updated. Lynall
  13. My LT77 gearbox is leaking oil atf, best i can see if coming from the extension piece between the two gearboxs, i have bought the two oil seals and the boss they run on, but i have been thinking when the transfer box is split off the extension case can the ext case be removed from the back of the box so i can fit new gaskets as well as im not 100% sure it just the seals and i certainly dont want to be doing it twice. Lynall
  14. The cyclone seperates the oil from the air in the engine and returns the oil to the sump, im assuming it works like a dyson All engines breath and in the air they move around inside is oil vapour. Lynall
  15. Actually just having a rethink and i reckon it could be std height as from the floor to the roof top its 2 metres which ties with what i can find on the web Lynall
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