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2008 Puma 110 Defender - interior lights stay on in 'Auto' set

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Hello All,

Interior lights stay on in 'Auto' setting :glare:

  • Using 'Auto' mode both rear and front interior lights are staying on when all doors shut.
  • The alarm will not beep at me when I arm it (indicating door switches may well be OK).
  • 'Off' mode switches lamp off.
  • When I manually depress a door switche the lamps will dim slightly. (this is interesting yeah?)
I've read a few forum threads regarding this issue but the symptoms and car model are different and/or the discussion never comes to a clear resolution.
Common topics include: door switches, multi-function units (MFU) and corrosion causing spurious electrical connections.
Defender is 90,000kMs and mostly clean, but I do suspect it's done a bit of rough and wet work with previous owners. I'm pulling apart the front to access the clutch assembly tomorrow (swap out master cylinder) - I figure it's the best time to also deal with footwell leaks and now this dang lighting issue.
Any experience on how to access the parts and any good diagnostics would be greatly appreciated!
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