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Another Leaky 110

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Oh well. After all the leaky posts, thought I'd better get my woes outta the way also.

Two things:

1. Front passenger carpet gets soaked. I've got nice proper Land Rover rubber mats everywhere but the carpet on the passenger side mat gets very wet. The rubber mats are bone dry on top. I assume it's a leaky door seal. There's no moisture underneath the carpet, well a bit of condensation probably, but I've sprayed WD40 all over.

Anyone able to verify the door seal, or provide any other possible sources of ingress?

2. Similar to V8 Freak. Little puddle on drivers side. Not every time it rains, but most of the time. The mat catches it and I just empty it out. I think it may be coming from above as I do get the odd dribble of water running down the inner edge of the headlining and finding a way out about 6-8 inches before it hits the windscreen header. This plops nicely into the area I've just mentioned, as per V8 Freak.

Minor stuff, but if I'm gonna buy a new door seal, I'd like to know it's money spent vaguely in the right direction.

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