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Factory Cruise Control Wiring I/O on V8


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I've got a cruise control unit from a donor '95 Discovery V8i that I plan to reuse on my project. Most of the inputs and outputs are obvious from the haynes manual but not sure about the speed signal as it comes from the instrument pack in the dash. Is this just the speed signal from the sensor relayed through the dash or is there more to it?

The original dash is not being reused. If I could simply split the signal from the sensor to a speedo and the cruise control that's be great! I'm planning to bench test the system using an Arduino to fake the appropriate signals.


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Great description of the system on the following link but it stops short of saying what the peak pulse voltage is.


Often in electronics the signal voltages are dropped to 3.3 or 5V. If no one knows for sure I will try 3.3 and 5V before chucking the full 12V signal at it!

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