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Question about 300tdi wiring diagrams.

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Hi all...been trying to wire up a new rear wiper motor unsuccessfully.On the diagram of c285(header joint k109) three green pins are connect together with a solid black arrow...what does the arrow mean???....green pin 3 is feeding the dash switch for pump and wiper ....pin 1 is feeding park switch,but I'm seeing some earth reading on the greens,is this the park switch earthing them?

I've had the motor running off the vehicle,but nothing on,even though there is power to red/green and black has earth.....the green feed to park is there with ignition on,but switch off I'm getting an high ohms reading to earth.

1997 300 tdi,had the wiring in the door,but not the wiper....must have had a new door at some point,as the washe nozzle is above it..........any help appreciated as it's doing me head in,had a go at this last year!....cheers.

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