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Rotating Rear Axle


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My winter project is getting into full swing as I ordered a discovery 1 rear axle today that I plan to use as a replacement to the early RR axle that I have with the useless brass drain plug. So as was suggested to me in an earlier topic with ref to my short rear propshaft, I should consider rotating the rear axle.

Simple in words but before I go crazy with the angle grinder, I should know a few things. I already know that the angle of the rear prop is at 22 degree's with the 2"+ springs and 2" spring spacers. With just the 2"+ springs the angle is lower at 18 degree's. To be honest I want to keep the 4" lift as the landy is much better offroad.

The whole idea with rotating the rear axle is for offroading of course as I have a lot of rear axle travel and I don't want to run into u-joint binding issues at full articulation. I already know that I need to have angles in both u-joints, but how far do I go to maintain the angles and not run into any binding issues.

How far do I rotate the mounts before welding? I have no idea if 7mm, 10mm or possibly more or less would do the trick but I figure that there is enough know how on this forum that someone would have the answer or have better ideas than I have at the moment.


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