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  1. For a correct reading aren't you suppose to replace the Black drive gear with a Blue one? ....... I will be installing a Disco t'case in my Def soon and this was my understanding. Todd.
  2. Ralph, I'll pm you after work. Thanks mate.
  3. Yes the item is the unpainted wing top protectors. the price shows with taxes, and of course at check out there is tax on taxes. I have no issues with taxes, its life! But what I have a hard time getting to grip with is that there are different prices for the same product being bought and shipped from the same place. Like I said taxes and even shipping is ok, the fact of different prices for the same product being order from the very same location is no acceptable to me. It nice to see that I'm not the only one who has noticed this and not impressed. Also I should
  4. This week I on was Bearmach.com and decided to place an order for a pair of wing top protectors. Ok it was after work so at 2 in the morning I did choose the wrong country but it was unknown to me at the time and the order went through like usual. The following day I was contacted by Bearmach to confirm my address which I did promptly. A bit later the order was cancelled by them and they instructed me to use the Swedish flag to place the order again....a bit long l know but I'm getting to the point soon..... So again back on bearmach.com and using the correct country flag I searched and found
  5. @Nick, I was looking a the Rocky mountain door tops on Sunday, the problem that my friend has with them is the front sliding glass, the locking latch which is screwed to the frame is vibrating on the glass edge which has chipped the glass. I thought it was a poor design but the rest of it was perfectly fine. @John, I saw them to and thought that they would be a great solution if only I could have dual sliding glass. We've come to enjoy the dual sliding glass and would like to keep that option if possible at a reasonable price. Todd.
  6. I may have a go tomorrow trying the military glass in the series door top. But see the prices today of the aluminum door tops I was considering a galvanized series door top with the military dual sliding glass as that is what's preferred. Or is there on the market a dual sliding glass door top for a series other than the military route?
  7. Today I managed to snap one of the studs to my military door top. The stud snapped with the threads in the door top, so the only solution I can see is to drill out the remains of the stud and ream the threads. In the mean time though I do have a half decent series door top, is it possible to use the military glass in a series door top and will the series lock work? The lock is the later series 3 type. We are heading back up to northern Sweden next Friday so I'm for the time being looking for a quick remedy that'll do for the trip. Todd.
  8. I'm leaning towards the aux tank under the pass seat. I emailed Lian at Designa Chassis this week and he's informed me that Allisport is his official supplier of the fuel tanks for his frames. The price of the tanks do set you back but the quality is in the product. As for the battery location Nick, I have to spend so time under the vehicle to figure that out. I'm wondering though, I have several shorter pieces (2m) of 50mm cable, can a person maybe use a junction box to extend the leads for the winch?
  9. Following along with the suggestions for the fuel tanks, here is what the tank looks like that I have today (photo taken from the internet) So, a standard tank wouldn't fit on the pass side as it has to be "trimmed" like that above.
  10. Weight distribution, yes Nick you are right but I can think replacing the winch cables wouldn't be cheap (longer) plus relocating everything else. Also I just remembered that I did remove one of the tank mounts on that side of the frame years ago cause it was getting hung up a lot when offroading. But with that said, I'll take another look, maybe it would be the best alternative ??
  11. David, the Designa chassis fuel tank is "trimmed" so that it clears the radius arm mount on the frame. By them trimming the lower edge of the tank I lost approx 3 litres. I never put any thought into the 90 fuel tanks, I think I have to get the measuring tape out to see if it's plausible.
  12. Inside the rear frame rail, but there is plenty of room to place a heat shield if need be.
  13. My 88" is built on a Designa coil sprung chassis that has a Designa custom fuel tank which is in the range of 43ish litres. When we are overlanding, I'm always watching the miles driven and planning well in advance for the next fuel stop, which I normally plan in the 320-350 km range. Some days....or I should say everyday we are having to fuel up 2 times. I do know that you can have duel tanks under the seat box for the series but I have the start battery and some electrics under the pass seat so that idea is basically out of the question for me as I was forced to move the start battery from t
  14. https://www.nickslandrover.co.uk/braking-sorted/
  15. Here I thought I was alone with brake issues.....NOT! 🤣🤣 2 weeks ago I replaced the vacuum pump on my truck and I removed it yesterday. The flipping thing was chattering away as if it was going to explode. Once removed I saw that the 2 grub screws that hold the guide for the piston were turn back so far that the guide was move with the piston. There was not a drop of locktite anywhere's to be seen on the screws. Moving on to the next point, Nick should ping soon as he's installed the Disco 1 booster on his 109. He also used a Defender master cylinder if my memory is right. I've rec
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