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  1. Yes Sir, I didn't count how many were in the package, better check....... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ Todd.
  2. It's been a waiting game the past week with the post and to my wonderful surprise the package from Autodoc with the Erling seals and gaskets came this week. Upon opening the package I was super impressed with the packaging, the head gasket was form bent to fit around other items and the manifold gasket was bent like a hockey stick to fit perfectly in a corner. Plus to their obvious superior knowledge of Land Rover engines, they correctly sent me 7 matching valve stem seals and another for good measure. Their fine customer service representative had to be convinced of their errors with several photos as proof then decided that they would give me my money back................ Wait a minute, what the h€ll is giving me my money back going to do for my engine???? Does it automatically repair itself???? Not in Sweden anyways.... Once again they had to be convinced that money doesn't repair my engine, replacement parts at no cost to me is far better solution to the situation at hand...... Jupp still playing the waiting game for parts. In the mean time I did assembly 7 valves. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Tanuki, Thanks for the tips, I will do as instructed this weekend.πŸ˜‰ Todd.
  4. I dropped off the head yesterday morning at 10:30, the shop ringed me at 14:30 and it was ready. πŸ˜ƒ damn does it every look nice. Once home I began inspecting the head and chambers. Typical my nature I guess I wasn't happy with the rough edges in the chambers so dug out the dremel and began grinding away. I have done enough reading to know that I don't have the knowledge of how much and where to remove metal in the chambers so knowing that I only focused my attention to the rough edges smoothing them to the touch. Once I was finished with that chamber it looked like this: With each chamber smoothed out to the touch I then began lapping the valves. I've seen guys on youtube using a drill but I'm going slow and easy with this so by hand is enough. Maybe tomorrow I'll start with the port matching. Todd.
  5. The head is at an engine shop in Kalmar where the guy's going to skim the head and pressure test for cracks. The injectors are off to GΓΆteborg for servicing and plenty of orders placed yesterday. So I've been thinking since the head is off, why not port match the head and manifolds? There's a considerable difference from the gasket to both surfaces. I realise that Turner's offer a performance head, but I'm unable to find any side by side comparison of the 2 heads and I'm of the impression that the ports have been resized to match the manifolds. If that's the case then I can do that myself. On the other hand, does port matching on a 300tdi do anything, is it worth the effort? Will there be any ill affect from making the ports streamline, as an old mechanic I was talking to today suggested that some diesel engines need some resistance in it's ports to operate correctly. Todd.
  6. I have no problems with adding caps, I did them on the wife's Discovery years ago. I've never seen them on this motor though and that item that I did find on the #4 exhaust valve is a collapsible washer. That is whats got me stumped, where the hell did it come from and why just the one? I bought this motor used 10 years ago and never noticed it before. ......I've been googling this afternoon ( not good I know ) LOL I've been reading up on porting & polishing, may as well do it while I have everything apart. πŸ˜‰
  7. @ Steve, They all show wear but with that said only 3 actually had a "ridge" can we call it that could be felt with your finer nail. All the rest we smooth. BTW, the "Defender 90" parts book RTC9868CF, page 280, is the manual that does not show any caps.
  8. Ok when I removed the head one thing that I did notice that was unusual, the exhaust valve to #4 cylinder has this collapsible washer None of the other valved has this washer nor did they have the caps ( err1158 ) Looking in two different manuals one has the valve caps and the other doesn't. SO.......do I install them or do I just ignore them as they weren't there? And No, I've never played around with the valves on my engine, the Discovery yes but not this vehicle.
  9. The head is off and as you all predicted, the head gasket is blown at # 4 cylinder.
  10. Thanks guys, I've done some searching here and you guys have echoed what has been said before about the bolts, I will be doing as you said. πŸ˜‰ If the rain stops long enough tomorrow I will be removing the head and cleaning the oil out of everything except the air filter canister....wouldn't want that to rust on me. LOL Todd.
  11. I thought it was just td5 that you changed the head bolts ??
  12. Didn't think of that to be honest, been thinking the worst the entire time outside today but I do agree, the head's coming off.
  13. Here's the crankcase smoke that I have: Todd.
  14. I'm getting closer to solving this mystery. I got the engine to start today without any drama, I mean no motor knock like yesterday. BUT the crankcase smoke is way beyond what it should be. I'll upload a short vid on youtube later. Also on closer inspection of the air filter canister, hoses to and from the turbo there is not just a film of oil but I mean running oil on everything. Then the turbo, it's actually full of oil that it's basically blowing back into the engine. I suspect this is going to be a bigger job than I thought if it's rings that are shot. Too bad that I don't have a compression test tool. ......Or could it be something else? Todd.
  15. no coolant loss other than the normal approx. 10mm per year in the expansion tank. To add to your comment, I dug out the old glow plugs that I replaced 3 years ago, they are clean with only slight carbon on the tips. None of them looked anything like those in # 3 & 4.

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