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  1. As I wrote earlier I went with a simple but effective method to lock the drop slide into place. 2 pins are better than 1, besides it keeps everything uniform on the build. Hope that this project is as helpful to others as it is to me. Todd.
  2. Slowly making progress with the fridge drop slide, got a cold from the kids, back to work and the boss working night shifts, only a hour here and there the past few days but it's nearly done. One mistake I made was the securing pin, I was securing two moving parts together.....LOL Now that I see what I did wrong I will weld 2 tabs tomorrow that will secure the fridge tray to the platform in the landy. This short video I made myself, one hand with the cell phone and the other running the drop slide through it's paces which was secure and easy enough to do with just one hand. Later in the week I'll tear it all down again (must be the 20th time so far) to give it a final coat of paint. In a nutshell, that's it, my DIY fridge drop slide is done. Todd.
  3. Sorry Mo, I drew nothing. I broke it down today so that I can begin trimming, sanding then paint. One final bit of welding to the side plates and the tray so that I can secure the tray in the back of the landy. It's going to be a simple lock, I'll post a picture when I get it done. Todd.
  4. So satisfying making something for the landy and it actually works. Thank you Chris.
  5. Ja, already booked/paid & semester approved. Not missing SLRK 30th anniv. gathering. Thanks! Todd.
  6. A few more hours in the garage today and I now have a fridge drop slide to install in the back of the hybrid. The handle is folding as you can see in the images, I can have it on top of the fridge when it's in the up position of I can leave it fully extended as I have plenty of clearance to the rear door. Whats left to do now is some final sanding, trimming, a latched welding some wheres on the front to lock it in place when driving then a coat of paint. In the mean time here is a small video of my DIY fridge drop slide in action, which I'm very pleased with, enjoy.
  7. Thanks Mo.
  8. With my fat clumpy fingers ???? an angle grinder of course! LOL
  9. Made some progress today on the fridge drop slide, the tray took no time to knock out, it was much easier before welding that I created the holes for the securing straps. For strength and simplicity I'm using a side plate that is bored and taped which attaches to the slider, from that all the moving parts are attached. Also in the final image you can see the drop, which is 20 cm from bolt to bolt. It took some time to figure out where to drill the holes so that it cleared the floor in the landy and also got full movement in both directions. Tomorrow I'll continue with the folding handle. Todd.
  10. The extending slide came in the post today so the project over the Easter long weekend is hopefully a drop slide. The below image is the best that I could find in the interweb. That coupled with the few videos on youtube I hope to make something that actually works......fingers crossed! Todd.
  11. Last years adventure to Nordkapp with the landy has exposed a fault where I placed the Isotherm TB31 fridge in the back. I had it all the ways in to the right side, which forced us to having to climb into the back to get anything out of the fridge. So for this year I've decided that I will build a fridge slide or even a drop slide. I've already ordered a 100kg extendable slide and have plenty of steel to build a frame, but searching the internet I've not found any real good plans/diagrams for a drop slide. I should add that I'm leaning more towards a drop slide because the wife's a short lady, lowering the fridge will make access for her much easier. I'm looking for advice and tips for making a drop slide, does anyone have a diagram that I could follow? As I wrote earlier, I've not found anything on the internet that really answered my questions, so knowing that many here have taken several long adventure/ road trips I'm thinking that there is a mountain of information to be had. The list of questions which start with, where do you place the pivot points for the drop, how long are the extensions for the drop, how long is the handle, if a folding handle does it matter where it folds? ....and on and on...... Thanks in advance, Todd.
  12. Bear with me as I'm replying with my cell phone, a while back Soren from Denmark started a thread on DIY wide angle propshafts. Search for it, we uploaded a few pictures of the conversion which I think can be helpful to you. If you apply the technique that we are using, I know that you will get the clerance that your out after so that you can use the propshaft in the proper manner.
  13. You have the propshaft on backwards. The slide is always facing forward, turn it around and let us know how feels aftwards.
  14. Your perfectly fine with what you have done.
  15. FridgeFreezer, excellent read on your trip to the Arctic Circle.