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  1. tuko

    Where’s your Snow pictures?

    Yesterday my good friend David and I were out playing on a local farm where we able to get permission to enjoy the weather with our Land Rovers. Basically we decided that David can break trails, he drives with 35's year rounds. I drive a lot of miles during the winter so I opt for studded 235's. Even with the 35's it didn't take very long for David to bury the 90. Even though I was following David, I was still plowing snow and as we can see in this picture it was up to my headlights. No chance, David never even saw the ditch and when he felt it, it was too late. Lunch on the trail.
  2. As the title says, how's the weather where your at? We've been experiencing a backwards winter this year. Normally this time of the year we are planning to change back to summer tires but old man winter isn't finished with us just yet, another 20 cm of the white stuff last night and more in the forecast for this week. Lets see your weather with a Land Rover.
  3. tuko

    Show me your Camping setups

    All 4 days it rain cats and dogs! The trails certainly took prisoners.
  4. tuko

    Show me your Camping setups

    @reb78 jupp the skirt is a pain and usually takes more time to put up than the camp itself.
  5. tuko

    Show me your Camping setups

    Arne, if my ferry tickets weren't booked for the 23rd, I would have been there! Fingers crossed that NLRK gets access to this route again in the near future.
  6. tuko

    Show me your Camping setups

    This is my setup with the 88". I've been fine tuning my setup the past 2 years so that it suites my needs. Within minutes we can have the camp set up, the grill fired up and a beer in hand. This years plan is to make a bike carrier at the rear so that we can carry our bikes and tour Bornholm this summer at DLRK summer meet.
  7. tuko

    Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    Thank you sir, yes I did and it's transformed the 88" hybrid.
  8. tuko

    Series Tdi's - refinement and noise levels

    I have a 300tdi in my series which uses the 300tdi motor mounts, these mounts transfer very little vibration in the vehicle. As for noise control I used "silent coat" over all panels from the seatbox downwards. Plus on the floor panels I have 10mm high density foam. The one thing that helped the most with noise control in the cabin is plugging or sealing all the holes in the body panels. This took a long time but effective in the end. The one area that I would like to point out that created the most noise is the lack of sealing between the bulkhead and the transmission tunnel cover. Solve that and you'll enjoy quieter motoring. We now can drive long distances without the need for ear plugs. Todd.
  9. tuko

    Flexi rubber wheel arches?

    I finally bought a set of flexi flares that I originally found on the internet in Poland called universal flex flares ( K100 ). Searching a bit harder I did find a distributor in Sweden that sold them for the same price with shipping "included". Four lengths of 100mm wide flare ( total width over 120mm ) with the outer edge having an internal wire. I did try last week enforced belt but it was not stiff enough at the outer edge which began sagging. Plus it looked carp! These I'm so far happy with, they cover the 35" nicely, making them road legal. I'll see what the MOT man says in 2 weeks time. Todd.
  10. tuko

    Flexi rubber wheel arches?

    @ Chicken Drumstick I totally agree with you, not easy is it. Too bulky on the vehicle and possible damage when offroading. The flexi rubber one add less to the body lines and still do the job of keeping the vehicle road legal.
  11. tuko

    Flexi rubber wheel arches?

    I too have been looking for flexible wheel arches for the landy, but I want/need the extended version to cover the 35's. Conveyor belt has been an option the whole time, my friend has them. Even though they are "legal" they don't look to appealing on his road going Defender. The above arches from 4x4goods were very nice and fit the bill but the price! I have been watching these on eBlag: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER-90-110-130-HDPE-PLASTIC-EXTENDED-WHEEL-ARCH-KIT-SET-4-/271833386296?epid=0&hash=item3f4a884d38:g:FH8AAOSwU-pXtGQt The above link, those arches are they any good? Are they "offroad" proof, so that you can rub against a tree and not worry that you have to stop to pickup the pieces afterwards? The price is more appealing, but of course a cheaper alternative I'm open to if it fits the landy. Todd.
  12. tuko

    200, 300 ??

    That is clearly your opinion John, which I do not agree with. I had the original series transmission behind the 300 for approx 5 years only to get rid of it because I was fed up with the constant leaking which was destroying my paved driveway. It is the driver who will determine the fate of the transmission.
  13. tuko

    DIY Fridge Drop Slide

    As I wrote earlier I went with a simple but effective method to lock the drop slide into place. 2 pins are better than 1, besides it keeps everything uniform on the build. Hope that this project is as helpful to others as it is to me. Todd.
  14. tuko

    DIY Fridge Drop Slide

    Slowly making progress with the fridge drop slide, got a cold from the kids, back to work and the boss working night shifts, only a hour here and there the past few days but it's nearly done. One mistake I made was the securing pin, I was securing two moving parts together.....LOL Now that I see what I did wrong I will weld 2 tabs tomorrow that will secure the fridge tray to the platform in the landy. This short video I made myself, one hand with the cell phone and the other running the drop slide through it's paces which was secure and easy enough to do with just one hand. Later in the week I'll tear it all down again (must be the 20th time so far) to give it a final coat of paint. In a nutshell, that's it, my DIY fridge drop slide is done. Todd.
  15. tuko

    DIY Fridge Drop Slide

    Sorry Mo, I drew nothing. I broke it down today so that I can begin trimming, sanding then paint. One final bit of welding to the side plates and the tray so that I can secure the tray in the back of the landy. It's going to be a simple lock, I'll post a picture when I get it done. Todd.

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