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Isuzu? 300 Tdi?

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Hello all!

It´s been quite a while since I last posted here, thank you very much for not deleting my account! :D

I have a Land Rover 90 (not Defender yet), and it has been my mechanical pal since long ago. Now, the 2.5 engine is getting a little bit tired (it's still working, so I will refresh it and donate it to Rocinante, a '74 Series), and I am trying to figure it out what to fit into the 90.

I am in Costa Rica, and here Japanese stock is the rule, so I was thinking that an Isuzu 2.8 engine could do it (I have collaborated in a few projects of my friends who have done something similar, pretty straightforward swap). A 300 Tdi engine may well be the option too, but the costs are higher, as you may expect.

I can rebuild an Isuzu 2.8 Turbo engine that I got from a friend at a ridiculous price (it was running and pulling like a train, but just for the sake of peace of mind, I'd overhaul it before installing it), but here comes my question: have you ever done something similar with this kind of workhorse? Is the configuration the same for a Turbo and a Turbo Intercooled engine (pistons, rings, injection, etc.)?

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated!


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The 2.8 Isuzu is a well regarded lump over here, and were a popular conversion into Land Rovers before the Tdi became more commonplace.  

Nonintercooled turbo engines will only benefit from an intercooler being added, and you'd get away with a bit more boost and a tweak on the fuel screw on the pump out to get that bit more out of it.  

You could probably find a conversion kit for one onto a Land Rover gearbox of you look in the right places.

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The 2.8 Isuzu is great engine and revs for fun, intercooler is a great addition, Pistons etc I believe are differant non turbo turbo (a parts search gives different part numbers) They are hard to find here (UK) now as most dead or exported. I have changed my 2.8 for a 3.1. Great engine but different to the 2.8. I also run on veg oil which either engine takes to very well.


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