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  1. Hi all, great weekend. Didn't get many Pictures but here's the Link http://www.xtremelandy.co.uk/Challenge%20Photos/challenge_photos_2012/xtremelandy_challenger_4x4_14_10_2012_yarwell/index.html
  2. Well Adey's twisted my arm to chauffeur him down to Slindon, so looks like i'd better dig the old landy out and play Marshall Nick for the day. Mr Beck did you say on the phone you've been working on your Truck ? !!!!!! Oh well that an early finish for you and Ade then lol. See you all Sunday. Nick
  3. Hi, Big thanks to the Challenger Crew for a great weekend. Loved the Speed way ending Broke a rear shaft and cluch gave up at lunch time !!!! only done 3000 miles on it too. Will be back on the marshal scene for next year and looking forward to seeing the new categories if they go ahead. Nick
  4. Myself and Lee will be there Mr Kelly. Dont you worry. Nick
  5. Neil would the AWDC not sort out the Cyberkeys for AWDC Challenger 4x4 Series ? Nick
  6. Mhh piont taken, but they should be checked correctly same as punch cards. It is hard when totalling up at the end of the day as i've been there done that one many times, and even when competing over the years you just know that teams dont get penaltys for distroying punch sections and double punching. The hole Comp scene is pretty wrong in many ways but thats for another day !!!! Well Sarah looks like your just going to live with your role, and any help needed from myself and i'm sure others will be offered i hope. Nick
  7. It certainly would Chris. It's a 100% way of Competitors only getting scores for what they have really done. Even though some organizers do have a master punch card, i'm telling you for a fact it would take forever to cheak every card against it. We looked into the keys for the future Tailend challanges if i decide to organize them again, i think they are the way forward, not just for cheating ba5tards but for info on the time in sections, who's where and when and any damaged sections reported can be found out from who was the last person in there. They might have their little problems from time to time but so do the old school punches ! Pins drop out, rubbed off numbers, getting pulled off lines, same pin paterns, pain in the arse to gather in and keep tidy in order. So swings and round abouts as with everthing. Personally if i was competing in a comp i'd feel better knowing there was cyberkeys. My Opinion. Nick
  8. Maybe it might make your good wifes life easier Ben! NO Stress then with as quoted above mistakes. "Sarah" maybe wearing your Knickers over your Jeans my get your super powers back Nick
  9. Think You need cyber keys/punches sarah !!!
  10. Good to see everyone and a great 2nd round. Mr Kelly even though you couldn't make it, we carried on your spirit in the shape of Our Steve Beck lol!!! In fact he is about the same shape as you Pictures are on my Site, not many cuz busy on the tricky rock section most the day. Click HERE Dudes
  11. Oh Dear Mr Kelly ! I'm back on the scene for the rest of the series now and was so looking forward to rescueing from some where on west harptree. Oh well 5hit happends chris, we thought you may have got rid of that dark cloud of Doom that follows you around. Happy Spannering Nick
  12. Cracking weekend. A Few Pictures To Be Found HERE Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Bet your pi55ed if you went round the PUDDLE ! Video 4
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