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    Many and varied. I'm here because I'm the proud owner of an ex-Army 110.

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  1. Thanks very much for the suggestions.
  2. You can do a Freedom of Information Act request to the MOD to get the service record for your truck. The links you need are on the MOD website. They are quite helpful; I got a load of screenshots from their vehicle database when I put one in. Cheers, Ben.
  3. Hi there, I'm engaged in the endless, seemingly futile battle to reduce/eliminate the amount of rain water that comes in the cab of my 110 GS (soft top). I thought most of it was coming around the doors, but after a trip through some heavy rain a couple of weeks ago it was running into the footwell from under the dashboard. This is probably not good for the bulkhead. I suspect it may be due to a 30 year old windscreen seal having almost given up, but before I pay out for a replacement is there something else I should be looking at? I did wonder about the seal between the folding section of the windscreen and the bulkhead - this may be wishful thinking. Any hints gratefully accepted. Cheers, Ben.
  4. I did a freedom of information request to get my 110's military history. It came back via email in a week of so as a series of screenshots from the software system the military use for vehicle records. This service availability might depend on how long the vehicle has been out. Mine had only been discharged in 2013
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