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  1. sheathy

    Defender TD5 Rocker Cover Gasket replacement

    Hi all, my TD5 has started a slowly leak from exactly that point V8 freak indicated so I will be doing this job soon. I was just wondering if someone could recommend a particular sealant to use? Fox four, did you do this in the end? How did you get on? I was wondering if it was was worth doing the injector seals whilst I was in there as I've heard they are a common failure on the td5. There's no sign of any problem from mine but I wondered if it's prudent to do the job anyway? I've only had the vehicle a few months and don't think it's been done before. Cheers!!
  2. sheathy

    Service myself rather than pay the garage

    Very interesting thread, thanks for starting it Suffolk Defender. I've recently bought a 2004 TD5 90 (link below) and I'm slowly working my way through service points. Next big one is to do diffs, transfer and gearbox oils. I've read fully synthetic oils are the way forward for the gearbox and will help smooth out the gear changes, was wondering if anyone had a particular recommendation of brand etc? Also any idea of where to buy it? Everything I've found so far is silly expensive. Is EP90 still the best bet for TD5 diffs and transfer box?
  3. sheathy

    Aging a military LR

    OK I can't see a VIN ... Does this picture help? Thanks
  4. sheathy

    Aging a military LR

    Is there an easy way to find the production date of a military vehicle. Trying to find out how old mine is, it's on '95 plates but I'm sure it's much older. Thanks
  5. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    Yeah i suppose it has, although i think i may have had a bit of an issue before but is much more obvious now
  6. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    Haven't actually had chance to measure the voltage but the battery was drained when I went to start. However I put the spare in (wasn't fully charged) and drove around for a couple of days with lights on etc yesterday stopped after an hour of driving, was out the car for a few minutes went to start again and it wouldn't even turn over so think it must be the alternator... Put in the other battery (now charged) and started fine.
  7. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    She is back on the road. I gave in and had a garage take a look at her, turns out the solenoid needed replacing and there were some other issues with the ignition switch wiring. Working well now though- only one small problem, I seem to be getting a battery drain when the car is left over night. It's not a battery issue as the battery is only a couple of months old. Also not the alternator as it's charging up fine. Cheers again for all your help.
  8. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    I thought it might be useful to give the full story in fact. So here goes. Everything is working fine in the UK before I started my drive over to Geneva, very very difficult to start the old girl unless the plugs were heated, in fact more often than not the battery would die before it started, but 20secs of heating the plugs and it started first turn. Drive to folkstone everything still all good, get off in Calais all still good, drive a further 300km and stop for the night. Next morning I get in and turn the key to plug heat position but no warning light comes on and I have a lot of difficulty starting it but manage in the end and made it to my destination. Was pretty smokey for the last 20km so checked oil level and it had managed to use a lot and was on the min level so I topped up. The next day tried to start it but there was obviously an issue- plug warning light still not coming on and very tough to start. So I started this thread, changed the ignition switch and the light was working, plugs were getting power, plugs are working ex situ at least but still can't start the truck. Had it running once since then but took a long long time but sounded fine when it was up and running. And that brings us to where we are now.
  9. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    Hi all. Peaklander- i'll drop you a message in a mo, cheers. Western- yes I have 12v on the thick brown cable and it is on position 1. Haven't checked if it drops slightly when the plugs are heating (as suggested it might do above) but I'm getting good voltage to the plugs which I guess rules out a wiring issue from the battery no? Monkie- I agree still something must be wrong with the plugs as when the problem first started if the engine was warm it would restart no problem. Interestingly the bulb lights and the plugs get power when I put the glow plug wire on a different terminal on the ignition switch. But the intended position for the glow plug wire has power when the key is in the hold position so that's strange. Interesting re. plug quality but they always have been fine so I don't understand why that would have changed?
  10. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    Basically, it's nothing good would you recommend a garage as my next stop? I'm sure that will be nice and cheap... On an unrelated note does anyone have any experience of selling a kidney in Switzerland? Oh, the 12v (was actually 12.6) measured from the battery was with the glow plugs not on just to clarify.
  11. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    Hi chaps. Rechecked everything today and the results were: Resistance = 1.9-2.8 at for each plug (the meter was mostly stable on 2.8 but was jumping around a bit) Voltage= 12v at the battery, 10.8 v at each plug. So some power is being lost somewhere but not enough to interfere with plug function I would have thought. So what do we think? Cheers
  12. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    Fair cop Peaklander, I had it on the wrong setting- although it's worth noting that I followed the instructions, the person I'm not that keen on. Anyway I'll check everything tomorrow again, including resistance. Thanks for the info monkie, good to see the video. Was wondering if my glowplugs being dry was a good thing so glad I know now.
  13. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    Thanks for the replies Monkie, to clear up the confusion the voltmeter is obviously doubling up for some reason- no idea why but it's giving me 24v at the battery too. Peaklander- the voltmeter is set up as per the instructions but it's obviously doubling up the voltage somehow- no idea how. Can send a pic tomorrow but I don't think that's the issue. Kevm- Indeed, power is getting to the plugs, all of them, and it's pretty much the same voltage as I'm reading at the battery. Will test the resistance tomorrow but as I said all the plugs glowed red in 10 secs or so when removed and tested so they are all working. No smoke when turning over but white smoke when/if I can eventually get her to fire up- I assumed this was due to insufficient heating as when I first got the truck I didn't know about the glow plugs needing to be held on before start so I had trouble and lots of smoke when starting her in those days.
  14. sheathy

    Glow plugs not working, where to start?

    OK. Either the voltmeter is wrong or I'm doing something wrong with it. It's reading 24/25 on the battery so baring that in mind in response to Monkies points: 1-correct 2-correct 3-correct 4-24v 5-23v 6-23v Today I was playing again, let the plugs heat for a minute or so tried to turn over- does turn over but wont start- before driving to Geneva from the UK it would would start instantly on the first turn after plugs were heated for 20 seconds. Maybe it's a deeper issue?

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