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  1. Hi, As i said earlier in the thread the you are correct on Marks score it should be 497. Either i am missing somthing or i dont understand what you have seen. The championship pionts are based on best 5 rounds out of the 6 rounds. Mark McMillen, using scores from round 1,2,3,4 & 6 gives us 100+100+97+100+100=497 Steve Beck, using scores from round 1,2,3,5 & 6 gives us 95+98+100+100+98=491 I hope tht helps, if not could you please explain what ive done wrong
  2. Hi Jack, I have only copied the information over, i dont have the actual recordings of times from the special stage. I will need to contct Lucy to find this information out.
  3. Here are the final Championship points. They use the best 5 results from the 6 rounds (they yellow score is the lowest) 2011 Championship Points (1-6).pdf
  4. Hi, Here are the results for the final round and also the championship points 2011 Championship Points (1-6).pdf Results Round 6.pdf
  5. I am just working on the results, then i have to check them. They will be on here tonight, give me an hour or so
  6. Updated Championship points after round 5 are attahced 2011 Championship Points (1-5).pdf
  7. Hello Attached are the championship points from rounds 1-5 2011 Championship Points (1-5).pdf
  8. Hi, The results are attached. As usual i hope they are all correct. The championship points are to follow, i am working on them next. Challenger 4x4 AWDC Round 5.pdf
  9. Hi all, the championship points are now online, please see the seperate topic.
  10. Hi, Attached are the championship points for the first four rounds. If there are any problems please contact Lucy and we will sort them out once we are back from holiday. Ben 2011 Championship Points (1-4).pdf
  11. Hi, here are the results for the 4th round. As usual i hope they are all correct. I am now working on the championship points which should be available later tonight Ben Results Round 4.pdf
  12. Zardos, i have spoken to Lucy earlier this evening and i am hoping to get a better location. When we do we will pass it around to all competitors.
  13. Hi Dom, i'm sorry that wasnt changed. Andrew i was only going from the information given to me, sorry i will change it now for the next round. We did have a little drama with the spreadsheet which meant i had to re enter all drivers/codrivers names and details after the event finished so Sara could imput the punch count and get the results done. So it may have been overlooked when that was carried out. Its also a little hard to keep up with some of the drive and co driver changes we seem to have.
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