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  1. Thanks Nige. Can you tell me what will an estimated price be for 23-24 spline side shafts be (long, short at front) Cheers and thenks for the valubale info Dries
  2. Hi Nigel, Need yourr help again. Before ordering new 24 spline side shafts i had a look at the old and the new centre portions. The old: Crown wheel - 46 teeth, Pinion - 13 teeth, Side shaft gears - 16 teeth and Spider gears - 9 teeth = it has 10 spline side shafts New: Crown wheel - 46 teeth, Pinion - 13 teeth, Shide shaft gears - 14 teeth Spider gears - 9 teeth = it needs 24 spline side shafts Question - it is only the Crown wheel and pinion that realy matters to give you the same ratio OR will i have to hunt for a complete identical centre portion to my old one ???? Help much appreciated Dries - Madagascar
  3. Thanks Nige Wow, this was most helpful. Now i need to contact dealers in the capitol to hear if they have 23/24 front side-shafts Regards Dries
  4. HELP pleeeeese !!! I have a 1991 200Tdi 110 Defender, and while on visit during April I bought a new centre portion for my front diff in South Africa. I live in Madagascar. I sailed back and started the dismantling of the old and to my horror found out that I have the 10 spline side shaft diff and the new one is 24 spline. No way I can hop back quickly and replace . . . so what do I do now? Can I use the 2 old side shaft gears in the new one (there are 2 spider gears and the 2 gears on the side shafts – page 410 No 2 in parts catalogue) OR can I buy 2 new 24 spline side shafts and replace my old 10 spline side shafts with them? OR am I stuck???? Any help will be well appreciated. My nearest LR dealer is 1000km’s away. Dries